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This powerpoint presentation discusses the benefits and outlines the steps in the habitat restoration project that Pheasants Forever - Allegan County has undertaken at Hamilton (MI) High School.


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A Service Learning Project of the Hamilton High School Ecology Class:

A Service Learning Project of the Hamilton High School Ecology Class Kal Vander Zwaag Memorial Habitat Project

Primary Project:

Primary Project Install Native, Warm Season Prairie Expertise – Pheasants Forever, Inc. Funding – Allegan County Pheasants Forever Labor/Equipment – Donation, Allegan Cty. PF Restore Wetland Quality in Pond Expertise – Ducks Unlimited, Allegan Cty. Cons. Dist. Labor/Equipment – JCI, Inc., Ecology Students Additional Minor Projects at Schuttmat Property Removal of Garlic Mustard and Honeysuckle Contingent upon/Compatible with development plan

Curricular Aims:

Curricular Aims General Ed Science Connections Earth Science Biology Chemistry Physics Ecology Hands On, Outdoor Opportunity

Memorial Dedication:

Memorial Dedication Interpretive Sign or Rock Future Magazine Article in National Magazine Testament to: Life of Kal VanderZwaag Good Work of PF-Allegan Dedication Date To Be Determined

Additional Uses:

Additional Uses Outdoor Classroom Elementary and Middle School Use Public Recognition Saline High School Project Excellence in Education Award Recognition Additional Grant Monies

Biological Benefits:

Biological Benefits Upland and wetland habitat viable for nesting, feeding. Diversity of insects, plants Cleansing of High School surface water before entrance into Rabbit River Mitigation of periodic flood waters Wetlands are sponges

Financial Benefits:

Financial Benefits No mowing No fertilizer Self-sustaining Free “labor” in Ecology class Living Textbook Process of restoration Results and benefits to environment

Flagging for RoundUp Spray:

Flagging for RoundUp Spray

Calculating Acreage for Spray:

Calculating Acreage for Spray

Spraying Herbicide:

Spraying Herbicide

Installed Signs to Explain Project:

Installed Signs to Explain Project

Diversity Sampling (Compared to Lon Koops’ Wetland):

Diversity Sampling (Compared to Lon Koops’ Wetland)

Next Steps & Time Table:

Next Steps & Time Table RoundUp #3 – Early April, 2011 Till Ground & Plant Prairie – May, 2011 Prairie Established – May, 2013 (??)

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