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This powerpoint presentation outlines some of the rationale behind Hamilton Community Schools' proposal to extend the millage in the November 3, 2009 vote.


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“Together We Grow”

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Buildings are easily entered without staff knowledge. Security cameras. TODAY’S NEEDS – SAFETY & SECURITY

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High school computers are 8 years old. Middle school computers are 8 years old or older. Need to increase technology access for student learning Infrastructure – Switch and Servers TODAY’S NEEDS – TECHNOLOGY

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Boilers from Sandyview and Blue Star are from the 1960’s. Many windows / doors throughout the district are energy inefficient. Electronic Controls Site Work/Parking Lots TODAY’S NEEDS – FACILITIES

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Replace tennis courts Make all fields handicap accessible Enhance pool locker rooms Create a multi-sport concession and restroom facility TODAY’S NEEDS – TARGETED ATHLETICS

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Redesign of middle school traffic flow and student drop-off and pick-up. Replace crumbling asphalt. Provide a more safe and secure entrance with new fascia & updated cafeteria. TODAY’S NEEDS – MIDDLE SCHOOL

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Busses Acquiring, developing and improving playgrounds, athletic fields, facilities and sites OTHER NEEDS

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Better meet the learning needs of students. Reduce operational costs. No millage increase. The millage stays the same but is extended. Board of Education Objectives

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Enhance middle school and elementary entrances to improve safety Upgrade Technology Improve Traffic Flow Improve Energy Efficiency Purchases Buses Continued… Results of a Successful Bond Issue

Slide 10: 

Replace Tennis Courts Multi-Sport Concession / Restroom Facility Enhance Pool Locker Rooms Acquire, Develop and Improve Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Facilities and Sites

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Bond / Capital Fund Expenditure Examples Building renovations Facility site work Busses Energy Improvements Operations / General Fund Expenditure Examples Salaries and benefits Extracurricular, such as band & athletics Utilities SCHOOL FUNDING REMINDER

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18.49 million dollars No millage increase Extends current debt levy of 7.0 mills Election date is November 3, 2009 The first technology purchases would begin in December Site work could begin in the summer of 2010 SUMMARY - THE COST

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