Geneva on the Lake 2008


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Marando Vacation at Geneva on the Lake


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Greetings! from : 

Greetings! from Ohio GENEVA – ON – THE – LAKE

Ok….Were here at Geneva-on-the-Lake. What’s on the agenda today? : 

Ok….Were here at Geneva-on-the-Lake. What’s on the agenda today?

Sponge-bob Marathon! : 

Sponge-bob Marathon!

Slide 15: 

Does my butt look big in these?

Slide 16: 

Has anybody seen my headgear?

Slide 17: 

184 Lifeguards walked into a bar…...

Slide 18: 

Hey, Is that bacon I smell?

Slide 19: 

Is that my nephew?

Slide 22: 

Welcome to Pork’s Party! He looks SOOOOO happy doesn’t he?

Slide 29: 

Oh my ! It’s Danny….I mean Donny….I mean Danny!

Slide 32: 

Home Sweet Home!

Slide 35: 

“Bloody Nose? My finger jammed up my nose when I was coming down the slide.” Ya right Marissa!

Slide 42: 

Pick a Euro……any Euro!

Slide 45: 

Hey, we need to let these puppies out for a walk!

Slide 49: 

Hey Theresa! What happened to all the toilet paper?

Slide 51: 

I’m so close to perfection… scares me!

Slide 52: 

There is no problem in this world so great that cannot be improved by a donut.

Slide 53: 

I’m a gangster!

Slide 54: 

Abneeeeerrr! Come in here and shave my back!

Slide 55: 

At the end of a memorable day….

Slide 56: 

It’s not the day you remember….

Slide 57: 

It’s the people you spent it with.

Slide 58: 

Thanks Geneva-on-the-Lake We had a wonderful time. We’ll be back again soon!

Good Bye : 

Good Bye

Good Bye : 

Good Bye

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