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It wont be easy to carry big first aid kits during riots and wars. It will be better if individuals can carry a small first aid kit containing essential medical supplies with themselves. This led to the making of IKAK's. http://wwtactical.com/


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Individual First Aid Kit:

Individual First Aid Kit


Carrying a huge box of First Aid Kit at the time of emergency by individuals is a difficult task. Therefore, for individuals a first aid kit has been developed, they are called Individual First Aid Kit. An Individual First Aid Kits provide the essential medical supplies needed to address the leading causes of preventable death on the battlefield. Causes like extremity hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax, and airway obstruction.


The contents of an IFAK depend a lot on the situation, the level of medical training you possess, and the status of the person (military, law enforcement or civilian). Some of the common items in an IFAK are as follows;


Emergency Badges First Aid Pouch


Tape EMT Shears


Nasopharyngeal airway tube Chest Decompression Needle


16ga needle Vacuumed pack roll of gauze


PR Exam gloves CAT Tourniquet


Worldwide Tactical LLC has been involved in the production of First Aid Kits. Individual First Aid Kits are also one of the product Worldwide Tactical LLC is dealing with. Worldwide Tactical, is a leader and a major provider to government agencies and the military, of both standard and custom, medical first aid kits, and supplies. http://wwtactical.com

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