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a powerpoint on the mechanics of golf


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Getting More Out of My “Game” : 

Getting More Out of My “Game” A Personal Project by: Claire O’Neil

Overview : 

Overview For my personal project I chose to research the different aspects of golf to help myself to improve to become a better golfer and to try and show people how hard, but fun golf can be. Golf has always been in my life and I hope to continue to play and get better.

Fundamentals: The Swing : 

Fundamentals: The Swing At alignment, feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes should be parallel to the target. Hands should be ahead slightly. Feet should be shoulder width apart and the foot closer to the target should open up. Longer clubs such as drivers and low irons should have the ball closer to the front foot and moved towards the middle as the club gets shorter Grip should be about an inch down the shaft. Keep a strong top hand to promote a closed clubface and consistent shot Keep head down through entire swing.

Fundamentals: The Swing : 

Fundamentals: The Swing Take club back with arms before starting to turn to maximize power. Make sure arms have a full extension Begin to turn your hips and shoulders and cock your wrists. Complete turn and make sure club is close to parallel at the top of the swing. Weight should be on the back foot.

Fundamentals: The Swing : 

Fundamentals: The Swing Begin follow through by dropping the but of the club toward the ground and rotating shoulders and hips back to the centre At impact clubface should be closed and hands ahead. Hips and shoulders should still be rotating towards target. Weight shifts to the front foot.

Fundamentals: The Swing : 

Fundamentals: The Swing Finish your swing back at the top with your body pointing towards the target. All the weight should be on the front foot, should be balanced if weight was shifted properly. Even after making contact with the ball, continue to swing towards the target with your head down.

Fundamentals: Chipping : 

Fundamentals: Chipping While chipping, the ball should be placed in the middle or closer to the back of your stance. Be sure to shift the weight on your feet when taking the club back and following through. Keep hands ahead and try not to break your wrists. Accelerate through the ball! Land chip 1/3 of the distance to the hole and hold the finish.

Fundamentals: Putting : 

Fundamentals: Putting Putting can be a straight back and forth motion or an arc. Focus on the target line and the speed of the put. Keep the putter face square to the target to reduce the chance of pushing or pulling the ball. Keep the right wrist bent a little during putts. Keep weight on the insides of your feet. Arms and shoulders should make a triangle while putting, this triangle should not break during the swing.

The Mental Game : 

The Mental Game Golf is a game that can really be effected by your attitude. If you lose your concentration towards a bad shot you are bound to not have a great next shot. It helps to stay positive by not being effected by bad shots and to have a practice routine that helps to get you concentrated.

Tips For Staying Positive : 

Tips For Staying Positive Focus on what you’ve done well and try to repeat that rather then getting down on what went wrong Have confidence in every shot. Most of the time, if you don’t believe you can do it, you wont be able to. As well as not getting down on bad shots, don’t celebrate about great shots because sometimes this causes you to lose concentration. Wait until the round is over to celebrate Take deep breathes before every shot. Deep breathes will remove nerves and anger and help you to concentrate on the shot your about to make

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