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It is better to make prior check-lists to avoid last minutes mistakes while organising any events. Venuefinder help you to find the best conferences venues in UK. To know more visit,


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6 Common Conference Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Planning conferences can get overwhelming for any organization. There a lot of moving parts that all need to work smoothly together. Conference by nature are large-scale which means catering to a lot of participants. Also conferences are typically organized for outside members. The need to impress and deliver a quality event is of utmost importance. Below are 6 common conference planning pitfalls many organizers tend to fall into. Unconducive Environment During the planning phase it is very important to select an ideal location and conference hall or room. With over 15000 venues in the UK VenueFinder offers a unique database of all the best conference venues in London. Spend a little more time searching for the perfect venue while keeping in mind the location parking options capacity and ambiance. Going Over Budget Before making any major decisions the organizer should know how much they are willing to spend on the event. Corporate events like conferences and seminars can easily get over budget when proper planning is not done. Paying for venue food and refreshment hiring freelancers like photographers waiters ushers security valet MC guest speaker hall decorations etc. would use up your budget quickly. Industry professional guest speakers charge thousands of pounds. Knowing your budget allows you to hire accordingly. Where necessary trade-offs can be done. For example instead of hiring professional photographers use in-house staff. This can help you hire a better speaker since that is more important than taking pictures. Not having back up plans Sometimes no matter how much planning goes into an event something will go wrong. It is the responsibility of the event manager to anticipate such problems and have back up plans in place. For example on the day of the conference a speaker could fall ill or miss a flight and not be able to attend. The event manager should already have a list of backup speakers who are

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easily accessible that can fill in the position. In case of power outage the event manager should make sure the venue has a backup generator. Little backup plans like these can go a long way to determining whether a conference event is successful or a total disaster. Poor scheduling Proper time management should be incorporated during any corporate event. A 5-minute delay can snowball into a 1-hour delay. Each programme should be efficiently timed and adhered. Otherwise the participants might have a bad experience. It is safe to assume the participants are professionals and very conscious of their time. There is no need to waste anyone’s time. Choice of Refreshment This seems insignificant. However it can set the mood for the entire event. Serving hot tea during a humid summer in London is not the best kind of refreshment participants would be looking forward to. Type of Security Depending on the type of conference and security level it is advisable to have some sort of security presence. Having even one or two uniformed officers at the entrance can make all the difference. In the case where VIP guests are expected they would feel more comfortable having a sense of security for the duration of the conference. Event planning requires anticipation creativity and effective communication. A simple conference can go wrong really fast leaving participants unhappy and demanding for refunds in extreme cases. Better to spend a little more time planning than executing. Visit

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