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Australian Immigration: Detention centre staff say careers and lives were damaged by speaking out Young Liberty for Law Reform YLLR released in Melbourne reports claims that legislative reforms have created an atmosphere of fear and terror within agencies organizations and other companies responsible for establishing policies in Australia. Former workers at the Australian immigration detention centres reported that they have been labelled as troublemakers. Some of them have been sacked. They have to face this because they raised their concerns in favour of the asylum seekers. YLLR reports that former detention centre workers claim that not only their career but they are being harassed in their personal lives. They witnessed the abuses and spoke about them in public interest. The informants in Australian immigration detention centres say that their objections have been either mocked or didn’t get the due regard. Their careers and lives are at a risk now. The government does not want to face the truth. A former security officer Steve Kilburn was working on Manus Island detention centre. He said that we have been reporting since the beginning but never get a response. Chris Iacono reported that whenever we used to raise voice against the abuses in the detention centres we were told to be strong and this is life. Iacono was the former Salvation Army employee. He has worked on both detention centres i.e. Manus Island and Nauru. The former Salvation Army employees security officers and trainers everyone has been reporting the poor condition of asylum seekers and the negligence of the authorities. They said that being upset for the matter was a crime that may result in losing their jobs. Paying attention to the abusive matters was considered as disobeying the orders. The chief legislative instrument the Australian Border Force Act was established last year. According to this act anyone who discloses protected information will be sentenced for two-year jail term. The act further mentions the persons bounded to follow this act include department staff anyone hired by the department any contractor or subcontractor. The act further states that it does not mean that the doctors social workers security guards or department staff cannot speak publicly about concerns. The government spokesperson said that by “protected information” we are referring to the sensitive classified data or information that could have an effect on our sovereignty.

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