Essential Tips to Care for Your Toddlers Teeth

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E S S E N T I A L T I P S T O C A R E F O R Y O U R T O D D L E R S T E E T H Teeth are essential for a number of reasons. That is why every time you are being clicked you are asked to say “cheese” and smile. This is because a beautiful healthy smile portrays your happiness and good health apart from offering a ravishing personality and an enthralling first impression. Strong teeth are vital for speaking clearly eating right and making the food easy to digest. Not only that they also assist in making you look your best. Naturally you should start caring for your kids’ teeth from an early age so that they can achieve and retain a brilliant and healthy smile. 1. Avoid Baby Bootle Decay – Don’t let your toddler sleep with bottle of juice milk or formula. The sugary drinks feed the bacteria by clinging to the teeth which results in tooth decay. So if your toddler insists make sure she takes nothing but water when she is off to sleep with a bottle. 2. Be Careful of Thumb-Sucking – Babies get a lot satisfaction by sucking on thumbs and it is harmless until she is 4 years old. But if she continues even after that age then it can become a problem as the teeth can get out of shape because of that. Thumb sucking makes the child feel secure and so you should speak to your dentist regarding how you can make her engage in other things. 3. Teach Good Habits – Brushing is essential for looking after the teeth. So before your toddler develops teeth you can brush her gums gently. You can use a soft washcloth or go for baby toothbrush and water for this. When the teeth appear use fluoride toothpaste pea-sized amount and infant toothbrush to brush her teeth twice daily. When 2 of the teeth touch each other you should start flossing her teeth. Consult with the dentist regarding the techniques. Here are ways to care for your toddler’s teeth. Just take a look.

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More Information Clove Dental Ph: 011 33553232 Visit: 5. Deal with the Teething Problem – Babies can get sore gums when they are teething. Under such circumstances you should give the baby something to chew on like teething rings. But make sure that they are soft and big enough to avoid choking. Cooled boil water milk and very diluted fruit juices that are sugar-free can also help. You can also use a mild pain- reliever after consulting with your dentist if the baby wakes up irritable at night. 6. Go for Regular Dental Clinics – By her first birthday your child must see a kids dentist. Remember that early care can save both your child’s and money in the long run. In fact research reveals that dental care costs are 40 percent lower over a period of 5 years for kids who see a dentist by the age of 5 years.

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