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Cloud computing provides various IT services in the form of application to the end-user via the internet. Cloud technology is defined as a set of networks, hardware, services, interface and storage that are combined to deliver all aspects of cloud services. Some of the cloud services even consist of infrastructure, software delivery and also provide virtual storage. IIHT provides the Cloud Computing Courses with the latest technology for the Industry.


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Cloud computing:

Cloud computing With IIHT

What is Cloud Computing?:

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a technology that provides various services, such as Software Development, Server and Storage over the internet in the Virtual Platform

Benefits of cloud computing:

Cloud computing is cost effective as it does not require any physical infrastructure setup Cloud computing offers better security services due to constant monitoring of data and is better then conventional in-house system Cloud computing provides more flexibility in work and helps in achieving business goals in a faster pace Cloud computing provides better mobility, so that the work can be carried anywhere and anytime as per the convenience Benefits of cloud computing

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Cloud Computing Features

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Cloud computing on the Go

What you learn in IIHT’s Cloud Computing Stack ?:

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure VMWare OpenStack Hyper-V What you learn in IIHT’s Cloud Computing Stack ? Learning in IIHT

Job roles in Cloud Technologies:

AWS Solution Architect Cloud Architect Cloud Software Engineer Cloud Services Developer Cloud Systems Administrator Cloud Systems Engineer Cloud Network Engineer Job roles in Cloud Technologies

Blended Learning module of IIHT:

IIHT is the pioneer in providing cloud training technologies. The students will be exposed to the unique live Interactive sessions where the students will be given access to the IIHT’s highly acclaimed learning management system, where they will be working on real-time projects for better hands-on experience in a simulated platform the first of its kind. Blended Learning module of IIHT

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