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What We Offer At CloudBigD, we provide the assistance of the experienced, thoughtful and qualified consultant to enable your company team up the most professional and best suited employee. From company’s perspective our services are adamant to hire the motivated, skillful intellectuals who will drive the company’s progress while from employee’s point of view; we aim to provide the best platform for your professional need.


Staffing From production, quality control and logistics to office administration, we provide high grade and reproducible recruitment operations through our expert consultants. Our expert panel executed every recruitment procedure and makes sure to attend the needs of the clients and the hired candidates. Our prime objective is to match the needs of both, the organization and the candidate in order to produce a perfect fit for the mutual forbearance and growth. Our consultants are trained experts with a vast market expertise, well versed with the company objectives and the candidate’s professional requirement.


Our main areas of staffing include : Administration Contract/Permanent staffing Quality Control Production and Planning Professional staffing KPOs and BPOs staffing Mortgage staffing Finance and Business implementation


Staffing Professionals Our staffing consultants are obstinate to help you recruit the best match for the given position. Candidates range from managers, supervisors, consultant, administrators and professionals to carry our different tasks and management. Our staffing professional solutions are robust in nature so as to present pre-screened and qualified individuals to reduce further investment of your resources in assessment, analysis and recruiting procedures. We are obstinate to carefully assess the need for your professional staffing. Not to recommend piles of resumes but to present individuals with certain set of skills required to meet your requirement for the particular project. These professionals are recruited based on their commitment and dedication towards the assigned task while considering the skills, qualities and abilities concomitantly.


Our professional staffing division is one of the pioneers in providing you the right match for your professional needs. We deliver optimized and comprehensive staffing solutions right from the entry level to executive levels. Our flexible solutions help you to assess your requirement with position analysis tool to gauge the essential academic requirement and the expertise. We tailor our solutions to manage all your needs – temporary professional staffing, direct placements, contract projects and MSPs.


We expertise in the following areas of professional staffin g: Procurement Human Resources Planning and Management Administrative staffing Marketing and Sales Executive In-house Services Our priority is to help you find the most trusted work force coupled with efficient and reliable technical assistance to make your establishment progress. In order to address the same, we provide the following in-house services ;.


Human resource consultation To assist you in gaining better operational efficiency, improved quality and management through better staffing and recruitment procedures. Operations Optimization: Our strategic program gives you a more radical concept to dissipate the workforce to compliment the requisites of the project. On-spot Managers/Supervisors: Professionals who can blend in with your company’s strategy to meet the potential output thus avoiding any hindrance towards the business prosperity. Operation Management & Execution: In order to manage and utilize the workforce in a voluminous organization, we provide executive assistance as planning and execution, technical solutions and production quality management. Corporate Service We provide our customers a specialized and comprehensive program to meet all their staffing needs. Financial management and risk diminution is met by specialized site-directed accounts system. Our staffing consultation helps you in specialty recruitment, programs and assistance for improving and retaining employees. We understand the imperative nature of your professional need and also the associated challenges in order to effectively deploy the same. While most organizations do not realize the importance of corporate solutions to optimize their requisites, they tend to aggravate the issues, thereby outrunning the little opportunity they have for the extensive development.


Client Challenges Improper or inadequate skills Extreme reporting – excessive or least Conventional solutions and the lack of networking and integration Lack of coordination between contractors and service operators Cost of resource maintenance and financial audits Distorted networking between process and planning Lack of implicative procedures and efficient operations How We Deliver? Our professional corporate solutions have been perfected over the years with the valuable customer feedback and the ability to effectively analyse and deploy services critical to the functionality of the organization. We have designed our solution to address the need of wide spectrum of clients from different niches with varied transaction modules. We are determined to optimize and deliver services that enhance the capability of the operation while addressing the challenges associated with cost, resource and time.


Our Benefits Dedicated expertise/panel for client Customized and client-specific solutions including back-office services and financial assessment Solutions to merge platforms and ideate trends for novel modules Our strength lies in the expertise of our panel which comprises of professionals from different precincts, each with its own unique set of ideologies so to empower your professional staffing and corporate needs and to foster the development in a more radical and rapid way.


GREETINGS FROM CBD WHAT WE OFFER AT CLOUD BIG DATA AS US IT STAFFING PERSONEL   Are you "THE" most talented US IT Recruiter based in India. Are you looking to earn huge assets? Are you finding it hard, because you are not given freedom to plan your own course, of successful recruiting?   Then we at Cloud big data technologies private LTD can eliminate your discontentment and make you a prosperous US IT Staffing Professional with sizable amount of recurring income and work satisfaction too. people call it being an


ICR (" INDEPENDENT CONTRACT RECRUITER " ) ICR is a unique work profile created by CLOUD BIG DATA TECHNOLOGIES Being an ICR means you are associated with the brand Cloud Big D Technologies , which is unique. It also means you will earn sizable amount of recurring cash. When and how you want work i.e. timings and modes/techniques of working. Your alliance with Cloud Big D technologies will help you attract consultants and requirements. Core targets for the ICR is to work on requirements and consultants to give more Purchase Order (PO) and earn more money through Cloud Big D . ICR can even work with his own requirements and get Purchase Order (PO) by keeping Cloud Big D as a backdrop. ICR will work autonomously with the Cloud Big D in their spare time. ICR payments are done in net 30 mode of payment, it is not be contingent on the client payment mode (Net 30 /Net 45).Within 1 or 2 working days the ICR incentives are being transferred through online to their respective Accounts specified.


  Which Person is eligible for Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR ) The person should have work authorization in INDIA. The person should have experience in US IT Recruiting. The person should have complete knowledge of all the US TAX Terms (C2C, 1099, W2). The person should have their own vendor contracts. The person should take care of US calling for dealing with consultants. The person should have their own consultant’s contacts.


To become an Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) : The ICR should have all the eligible criteria and should have interest to work as an Independent Contract Recruiter. Need to fill Request for Proposal (RFP) form which contains recruiter’s introduction to our Organization. Then the Recruiter will be receiving ICR Agreement from the onshore team of Cloud Big D in which all the rules and regulations will be included for ICR process. It’s a type of offer letter to the recruiter. In the ICR Agreement the recruiter has to SIGN electronically beside the signature of the Associate Vice President of Cloud Big Data Technologies. Along with the signed Agreement the recruiter has to upload 1 ID Proof and 2 Address Proofs in the secured link: Once Cloud Big Data will receive all the credentials from the Recruiter then the Recruiter will get the Web Mail access and VMS Portal access to work with the Cloud Big Data Technologies as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACT RECRUITER (ICR) .  


Work of the Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) : ICR can Post their own Requirements in Vendor Management System ( VMS ) Portal and get huge responds from the Prime Vendors. ICR can submit consultant’s profiles for the requirements which are there in the VMS portal. ICR can add Consultants on our Bench Portal for which there consultant’s will get suitable requirements and can place ASAP.


How to fill Request for Proposal (RFP) form To fill Request for Proposal (RFP) form : You can go to our secured link where you will find the RFP form which you have to fill.   This form is divided into 6 Parts which are : Personal Details : - In personal details the Recruiters have to mention their personal details means his Full Name, Father’s Full Name, Date of Birth. Permanent Mailing Address : - In Permanent Mailing Address the Recruiters have to mention their Full Permanent Address along with their Primary and Secondary Contact Numbers and Email Id’s. Education & Professional Experience : - Here the Recruiters have to mention their education and professional experience till date and the domain in which they are expertise , how many Purchase Order’s ( PO’s ) they achieved in their entire experience.


Business Development Experience & Skills : - Here the Recruiters have to mention their business development skills and experience means whether they are having their own direct or tier-1 requirements or not and if they have, for which they can get free job posting access in VMS Portal. And whether they are having their Own OPT-EAD consultants whom they can refer to Cloud Big D W2. In the same part the recruiter have to choose the Pseudonym for them to work as an ICR with Cloud Big D. Career, Financial, Personal Goals & Feedback : - In this part the recruiters have mention about their financial goal as an ICR, what Interest shows to become an ICR, any reference for their side and finally the feedback about the Cloud Big D . Upload Your Resume  ( File types: Word ) & LinkedIn Profile ( paste the link here ): - Here the Recruiter has to upload his updated resume in word document and need to provide their updated LinkedIn Profile. The Recruiter has to click on check box if she/he is agreeing with all the terms and privacy policy of the Cloud Big D .  Once the recruiter done with all the above details in the RFP form then they have to submit the form officially and they will receive a confirmation by saying that in next 2-3days they will receive their Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) Agreement.

Cloud Staffing Solutions :

Cloud Staffing Solutions


Cloud Staffing Solutions Cloud technology offers numerous benefits to the organizations in many aspects; however, to utilize those applications, it is imperative to have proper expertise and system to complement the technical requirement of the Cloud technology.CloudBigD , with its vast expertise in Cloud applications, offers some of the most pivotal applications of the technology in Staffing and recruitment procedures. These solutions are optimized to properly channel the operations and execute them in a way so as to deploy a service that effectively manages the challenges faced by the organizations and further sort out these issues in a quick and cost effective manner.


Cloud Staffing and Challenges Prior to any screening, one of the most apparent and robust issues are the identification of prospective client for further assessment and evaluation. However, the scenario is further intensified considering the market demands and the need to establish an effective workforce to carry out the required operations. Some of the most common challenges are: Lack of expertise to manage information resources and data interpretation Lack of technical systems and tools to gauge the sustainability and reliability for an effective management and evaluation Huge investment cost associated with conventional methods of recruitment Time consuming strategies for resume collection and profile selection

  Our Cloud Solutions:

  Our Cloud Solutions CloudBigD has evolved at the turn of the century, covering important facets like operational excellence, organizational standards and business proficiency. Our solutions and the versatility of its applications are testimony to our standard and level of excellence. Although we are obstinate to cover all our solutions and integrate with them Cloud technology to make them industry ready and future compliance, we tend to offer some of the following solutions, integrated with Cloud technology. Human Resource consultation and training procedures Financial aspects and processing accounts Pre-screening and evaluation before the final selection HR outsourcing and management Payroll management and in-house planning Regulatory compliance solutions Employee benefit and training systems


CloudBigD strongly sticks to the conventional roots of staffing while implementing and integrating latest technical innovations so as to deploy services that are resilient and versatile. We will guide you through each every step to enable the complete business transformation of the organization to a more radical, recently innovated Cloud-enabled enterprise. Our practices are based on the technical applications; some of which are quite novel to most of the service providers and consultation firms. We are constantly evolving, dynamic organization that utilized current data models and effective automated synergy systems to couple the organizational requirement with our practical mode of cloud staffing.

Our Cloud Advantage:

Our Cloud Advantage We have technical expertise to support and address your every need. We offer value-added services like technical training and documentation besides the conventional software installation process. We have provided large enterprises and multinationals the support and the required service needed to meet the end-consumer staffing solutions. Our pioneer technical assistance, career growth training programs and industry-specific approach aims to make the recruitment procedure sophisticated yet simplified, both at the same time. CloudBigD serves all recruitment needs for organizations and enterprises. Our Cloud approach is resilient in its own way. Following are some of the features we offer with our Cloud staffing package.


Better predictability of the position:  With our intelligent management and identification system, our Cloud software efficiently responds only to those prospective clients that are matching with the required criteria with their academics and skills Designing the process:  Based on the quantity of the match, our intelligent operating solution tend to perform active task to design a transparent and error-free procedure, thereby saving organizations from investing their valuable time and money. Candidate engagement:  Improved lay-out displays manages the profiles effectively and in real-time. The prospective client is contacted with its integrated email networking tool, evaluating his profile, assessment and thereby recommending further procedures if selected. Screening and pre-joining procedures:  Our solutions also assist the client in negotiations and compensations, benefits and other legal and agreement-based challenges. To ensure you do not invest more than the required amount of the valuable asset, it is well integrated with networking platforms and other profile evaluation tools to stick to the minimum investment as possible Monitoring performance:  Once selected, our Cloud software does not sit idle. It is integrated with customized performance evaluation program that feedbacks the employer about the progress and transition from the probationary phase to the permanent employment. Our Cloud staffing solutions are researched and studied closely by experts so as to come up with a trending procedure to renovate the outlook of recruitment and staffing as a whole. Our Cloud mode is equipped with latest and advanced technology applications to manage the hiring segment more efficiently and comprehensively.

Innovation model:

Innovation model


Innovation is the real key to be ahead; in fact it is the most vital part for the long term success of an organization. Innovation comes through new ideas and technologies and this is the Quality in CloudBigD Technologies that has kept it ahead of its competitors. For us innovation implies the following stake holders. Government and public administration Technology firms Supporting companies Research on international innovations and national eco systems A large number of innovation institutions maintain institutional relationship with us Our ultimate mission is to consolidate the image of a global firm depending upon innovation. Since the inauguration of our firm, we have undertaken large number of innovation projects and have successfully satisfied the unique demands of our esteemed clients. Now, it’s your turn to take the advantage of our innovative services. Vital reason for CloudBigD Technologies innovation strength The main source for CloudBigD Technologies can be attributed to its attributed leadership approach. Here, the employees and clients are given the first most importance. When the employees get engaged and empowered with ingenious idea generation for our clients then we will be definitely benefited through the domain of R & D services and engineering . Today , CloudBigD technologies have become a leading and prominent IT services provider by working with international clients in such areas that redefine and impact the core of their organization. Cloud BigD Technologies have recorded the highest scores when it is about operational relation, risk, price, flexibility and strategic relation. Most of Cloud BigD technologies clients suggest their services to other clients and this has ultimately enabled us to grow at a tremendous pace and provide even better services to our clients.

Values & Ethics :

Values & Ethics CloudBigD believes sustainability is vital to our success. Our internal performance and client satisfaction depend on how we provide for people and the environment, conduct our business affairs, employing the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct, serve and satisfy our customers and thus shaping our ability to sustain our own future. It also concerns how we support our employees, our business partners, the communities where we work and the next generation of professionals. We recognize that acting in a responsible and sustainable manner creates new opportunities, increases shareholder value, and enhances our brand and reputation with multiple stakeholders groups while protecting the environment and natural resources. This policy outlines our overall commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability and guides our activities. It is an integral part of our core business strategy.


Our Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct, Environmental Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Anticorruption Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, and many other internal policies, procedures and programs are sufficient enough to judge our commitment towards our society. These policies are based on internationally recognized standards and frameworks. We are committed to maintain high standards of honest, ethical and legal business behaviors at all times and complying with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries and locales in which we operate. Competing ethically for our business without paying bribes, kickbacks or giving anything of material value to secure an advantage is the principle of our business. Providing a workplace free from discrimination, harassment or any type of abuse is the commitment towards our employees without whom we cannot go forward.


We believe ethical solutions, friendly practices and relationships are vital for the success of any organization. At Cloud BigD, we strive to constantly shape our solutions, mold our services and strengthen our relationships so as to make them more complementary to the values, ethics and transparent operations. After all, these values and business spirit are what is keeping us on our feet and also foster our ambitions to scale new heights and set new trends. We have stringent ethical solutions and services that are adamant to preserve the company’s interest and intellectual rights in a more lucid manner. We value our customers, thus ensure its confidentiality and operations’ protocol so as to allow them to make clear, productive and effectively managed decisions. We deploy our solutions, based on the following ethics: Transparency In order to maintain a nurturing and long relationship with the consumer and communities, it is critical to deploy solutions that are transparent, have an open module of operation protocols and ethical solutions and technology used to devise and design services.


Clients’ Expectations CloudBigD has been striving to provide services that meets the requisites and addresses the needs of the client so as to surpass the expectations. This not only helps us build long-term and reliable relationships but also help us assess and analyze ourselves and provide us the space for further improvement and development. Integrity and Reliability We ensure our practices on two principles: • integrity • reliability Our solutions are sincere in every aspect so as to avoid any conflict of interest and regulatory disobedience. We have designed a model that is open to feedbacks, constructive criticism and modules, essential for promoting and governing objectives. Leadership Our solutions speak for themselves. Practices and services are constantly evolving themselves based on the level of engagement with the current markets trends and industries, spanning diverse geographical niches

Virtue & Excellence:

Virtue & Excellence At CloudBigD, our teams are constantly striving so as to gain an edge over others in terms authenticity, reliability and transparency. We are constantly engaging ourselves to surpass expectations for our services, products, practices and company as a whole.At Cloud BigD, we believe the importance of deploying solutions that are sustainable, efficient and transparent before their implementation to enhance, integrate or to promote business. This policy outlines the complete range of solutions we have to offer. Ethical leads and virtue, is what we strive for and forms a critical aspect of our core business and management strategies. Our dedicated team of compliance and regulatory monitoring effectively evaluate each solution and practice before its application. Our compliance program is committed to promote toward CloudBigD’s ethics, integrity and excellence. For all these years, company has strived to perform better and enhance the experience of our customers with our practices. Our executive members are actively engaged in implementing market and business ethics to our novel, IT-based solutions in a more client-oriented manner


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