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One time data entry …. Onetouchsmarter then does the rest …. providing intelligent real-time automation of business process and financial controls. Whether you’re a CIO, CFO or CEO or the Owner or Investor in a smaller business …. your organisation is now facing tougher times than ever before …. with the need to deliver more from less at the core of most activity. Answer - Onetouchsmarter - simple-to-use software service. No Capital outlay.


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See Cloud9 at the 13 th Annual 2011 Conference Cloud9 are one of only 12 appointed IBM Global Entrepreneurs worldwide Self service business - One data entry - Intelligent automated real time business processing and financial control

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Survive? Protect? Grow? Operationally deliver more from less - reduce costs & increase efficiencies Multiple business channels - online, telesales, b2c, retail, b2b, international Compete with online & overseas companies working from lower cost base Compete with organizations who can afford better systems & resources. Today's business challenge for SME’s (some): Financial Management (most agree - even Accountants): Financial control is key (Cash is King) but the issue is beyond what accounting software to choose or how easy it is to use Accounting systems and Finance are essentially isolated from the operational connectivity of the business processes How quickly & effectively can you consolidate data from multiple company systems - achieve transparency, true confidence, make effective decisions?

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On e touch smarter self service business model one time only data entry all channels end-to-end automated business processes full vision financial control people & data connected real time efficiency, lower costs, profitability

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1 2 1 = 4 touch power 4 3 One system platform All business channels Deliver more from less & reduce costs Improve customer data & service delivery Empowers decision making & profit focus Self-servic e Business One Data e ntry Int e lligent Automated Workflow Conn e cted Financial Control R e al-time Business Processing

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IN HOUSE BUSINESS ADMIN SOP POP Debtors Creditors Inventory Nominal Warehouse Accounts Management Sales Data Entry Data Entry Data Entry Data Entry WWW Web Designers Products Basket Payment 3 rd Party Interface Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Field Sales Personnel (Sales Books & Phone) Multi-Touch Typical Business Operation - How it’s worked till now Existing Business Channels Telephone Fax Email Customers

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Multi-Touch Problems Typical Business Operation Multiple systems Duplication of effort On-line & in-house worlds Data out-of-sync Information delays Management overheads EXPENSIVE

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Seamless Integration Business Processing Real Time Financials Unlimited Users 360 Degree Visibility Instant & Efficient Warehouse Accounts Management Sales WWW WWW WWW WWW WWW Field Sales Personnel WWW WWW WWW Customers Suppliers Accountants Advisors Existing Business Channels Telephone Fax Email Cloud 9 On e touch smarter model Secure Data Centre Cloud 9 On e touch smarter Intelligent automated Connected real-time Business processing & Financial control

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Cloud 9 On e touch smarter Benefits One platform all channels No duplication of effort Single management structure Real-time data on all business areas No information delays Service & Finance driven LOWER COSTS

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Control Risk Management Auto Confirmation Email Auto Confirmation Email Accounts / Management Auto Unapproved Alert Auto Credit Check Management Approval Processes completed with one time entry of data All Financials Auto Updated Auto Reports & Analysis Management 360 Degree Visibility Supplier Auto Stock Check Unavailable Auto P/O o r Requirements Auto GRN (Qty – Data Entry) www www Existing Business Channels Telephone Fax Email Customer Telesales Field Sales Cloud 9 Connected Intelligent Automated Business Auto Email Pick & Approve On e touch smarter sales processing 24 / 7 Auto Picklist All Documents Auto Generated

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B2C Cash / Card Sale * Interfaces customisable to match website

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B2B Customer Log-in self-service business availability 24x7 * Sample of menus* Interfaces customisable to match website

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B2B Host User Log-in real-time anytime business * Sample of menus* * Interfaces customisable to match website

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On e touch smarter Business Benefits for Small & Medium Enterprises Affordable, Usable, Connects, Automates, Measureable Instant return on investment …. No capital outlay - Pay monthly Reduce operational costs .... Streamlined processes end-to-end Facilitate Remote/Virtual warehousing & Drop shipping Improve cash management of inventory, debtors & creditors Enhance customer service levels .... Self service business 24/7 Increased profitability .... Maximise retention of margin Fast implementation .... Within days …. Minimal disruption Intuitive & easy - to - use .... Logical user interface Scalable & Secure .... Facilitates growth, Maximum protection

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Any Questions..? Contact: Brian Dickson, UK Director +44 7523 287394 dicksonb1

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