What Can we do to Protect Ourselves from this Covid19

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The COVID-19 is posing to be a great threat to humans. Almost every nation across the world has reported the virus. Let me share strategies to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus.

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Avoid stepping out unless a necessity The vaccine for the virus is still in the making. All we have left with us is to adopt social distancing and self-isolate ourselves. A s a res ult avoid going ou t more often. You can make effective use of on-demand apps for food and grocery. In fact these apps are experiencing a massive surge since the lockdown. Entrepreneurs are coming up with UberEats clone apps with perfect safety standards. This way you can self-isolate yourselves thereby reducing the chances of disease spread.

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EQUIP YOURSELVES WITH PROTECTIVE GEAR While stepping out on the streets make sure you equip yourselves with safety gear. This includes gloves masks and preferably a hand sanitizer. Adopting proper hygiene and safety standards can immensely help us. Educate people and create awareness about the same. Unles s and until you r comm unity remains unsafe there is no point even if you adhere to strict safety standards.

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FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE The golden to be carried during a virus spread is ‘Clean cook separate chill.’ C lean you r hands and u tensils frequently to prevent contamination. Cook your food at normal cooking temperatures and with the highest safety standards. Separate raw materials to avoid cross-contamination. Chill or preserve food at the necessary refrigerating temperature.

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FINALLY These simple precautionary measures can go a long way in ensuring your safety amid the COVID-19 crisis is with UberEats Clone.

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