How are Food Delivery Services Coping up with Covid’19

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How are Food Delivery Services Coping up with Covid’19 DELIVERING FOOD DURING A PANDEMIC

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“Coronavirus could infect 60 of the global population if left unchecked” says Professor Gabriel Leung Chair of Public Health Medicine Hong Kong University. The pandemic has a drastic effect on people globally. People fear even to step out of their homes. Essential commodities are becoming harder to get in this pandemic season. The only ray of hope for people is the on- demand apps. On-demand apps for food and grocery delivery are helping people in need by offering doorstep services. But how are food delivery services continuing their services despite the pandemic

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THE EMERGING HABIT OF ‘CONTACTLESS’ DELIVERY OPTIONS Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Social distancing is the only cure we have for this pandemic. Users and delivery professionals are following contactless delivery options to curb the transmission of the virus. Users instruct the delivery professionals to place their food orders at a confined place in front of their homes.

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MAKING DELIVERY PERSONS’ AWARE OF THE SITUATION Delivery professionals are risking their lives for the sake of fulfilling our services. These professionals must be made aware of the alarming situation. Providing information on how the disease spreads and the precautionary measures to be taken can be highly useful. Frequent sanitation and proper hygiene habits can prevent the infection from spreading.

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Making sure the supply chain doesn’t break Supply chains in simpler terms refer to the workflow of the business. Supply chains of a food delivery business are the restaurants the apps and the delivery professionals. The service halts part way if the supply chain disrupts. Hence maintaining the supply chain is highly essential for uninterrupted business options.

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SUMMING UP This Food delivery apps are functioning to help people in need. They are adopting these preventive measures to curb the transmission of this deadly menace. As people we ought to respect these measures and make sure we do not act as catalysts for the spread of infection.

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