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The next thing to take care of is the role of app in your business. If it occupies a major role in your business!


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Car Rental App - Revenue from the Rental Industry:

Car Rental App - Revenue from the Rental Industry May 2019

Paradox Between :

Paradox Between Buying & Renting 2

Buying & Renting:

Buying & Renting Buying a car is an exciting option The financial constraints that accompany it makes it a less preferable option. Getting a car drains your wallet in terms of initial payment and in the ongoing maintenance. 3

Advantages in Renting a Car:

Advantages in Renting a Car Some of the real time benefits in renting a car Paying for a taxi every time Free from the maintenance of vehicle Economical and time-saving Less payment, more choices 4

Statistics and Scope :

Statistics and Scope Revenue in the industry amounts to US$26,783 million in 2019 It is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of US$30,686m by 2023 Most revenue is generated from US when compared globally. 5

Is the Industry Profitable? :

Is the Industry Profitable? It is profitable and rich with players such as 6

Starting a Business:

Starting a Business People like to rent vehicles instead of buying a car. The increasing demand in the market indicates that the market is open for entrepreneurs. Those who wish to start a business can earn revenue in a short span. 7

Creating an App for Your Business :

Creating an App for Your Business 8

Creating an App for Your Business :

Creating an App for Your Business 9 The first step in starting a car rental business is to create an app for it. For a business to be successful, a flawless mobile application is of primary importance. It helps your users to understand about benefits and services. http://

Features You Should Not Miss! :

Features You Should Not Miss! You can include advanced features in your app are, Select Car Models Toggle Driver Availability Work History Live Geo Tracking 10

Get Your App :

Get Your App 11 Enter the profitable world of car rental with a 100% customizable app. Mordor Intelligence report indicates that the global car rental market is expected to reach a CAGR of 17.52% between the period 2018-2023. AppDupe, a leading app development company offers car rental app at an affordable price. http://


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