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Orientation to NURS 3304:

Orientation to NURS 3304 Welcome to the Statistics!


Syllabus Please take time to read the syllabus and look over the course schedule which is located in the lessons section.

Course Assumptions:

Course Assumptions Textbooks and internet service You will use both required textbooks weekly for this course. Please - buy your books early or find someone in the class willing to share until you are able to get your books. Because this is an online class, having reliable internet service is a must. It is also crucial to have a backup service in the event you have technical difficulty. Not having a textbook or having internet difficulty will not excuse you from assignment deadlines.

Weekly Assignments:

Weekly Assignments There are a total of 13 units to be completed for this course. Each unit has a reading assignment, a workbook assignment that is to be uploaded to the unit's dropbox , and a unit quiz.

Submitting Assignments:

Submitting Assignments Weekly unit assignments will have more than one section or chapter to be completed. These sections are to be submitted to the unit drop box as a single document.

Due Dates:

Due Dates All regular course assignments are usually due by 5 pm on Monday evening. You may always work ahead of schedule but assignments will not be accepted after the drop box closes.

Late Assignments:

Late Assignments Late assignments will not be accepted. Because I understand that life circumstances may result in missing the 5pm deadline, I drop your lowest quiz and unit assignment grade.

Grading Scale :

Grading Scale We are required to abide by the nursing grading scale which may be new to some of you. A = 90-100, B = 80-89 , C = 74-79, D = 64-73, <64 = F. Grades are not rounded up. For example - an 89.9% is a B.

Contact :

Contact If you have any questions, email me at cloftin@wtamu.edu or through WTClass email. You will have a quicker response from me if you email me at cloftin@wtamu.edu and not through WTClass email though. I receive regular email on my phone and iPad and can send you a reply much faster.

Contact Info cont.:

Contact Info cont. On most occasions, I am able to respond to your emails within a few hours. Please check for my response in a timely manner (within a few hours).

Course Exams:

Course Exams The course exams are not easy and require that you study! Reports of collaboration on any quiz or exam will result in a 0 on that exam . Please note the dates of the exams as posted in the course schedule. If you work on the exam date – please make arrangements early to have time off. There will be no re-scheduling of the exams.


Questions???? If you have any questions after looking through the syllabus – please send me an email.

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