Chief Charlie Rule and Chief Ed Daniels

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Fire A111 Group 2 Project


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Fire Chiefs: Charlie Rule and Ed Daniels:

Fire Chiefs: Charlie Rule and Ed Daniels By Kim Heidemann Clay Nelson Erin Nelson Group 2

Characteristics – Chief Rule:

Characteristics – Chief Rule Outspoken and not afraid to speak what was on his mind Not always politically correct Somewhat aggressive and argumentative, but fought for what he thought was important Good sense of humor

Characteristics cont.:

Characteristics cont. Supportive of Equal Opportunity Wanted the best for the citizens of his community and for the firefighters that worked with and for him Deemed as a great leader by many and an adversary to some – but at the end of the day was always professional


Background Spent time as a volunteer firefighter Firefighter in the Navy Graduate from Oklahoma State A&M Fire Protection Program Was a paid Fire Chief at the age of 23 in Greenfield, WI

Employment & Ideologies:

Employment & Ideologies Attempted to hire more minorities while at Lauderdale Lakes Campaigned for better lifesaving equipment Ideology of change was more important than tenure concerning firefighters

Employment & Ideologies cont.:

Employment & Ideologies cont. In the 90’s Chief Rule pushed to have mandatory fire sprinklers installed in new single family residential housing in Manteca, CA

Employment & Ideologies cont.:

Employment & Ideologies cont. Created “Conditions of Employment Contract” which spelled out minimal medical, physical, & performance standards Provision for entry-level firefighters to stop smoking which was extremely controversial at the time

Ideologies cont.:

Ideologies cont. Policy created that prohibited any firefighter from initiating interior attack in a building with severe code violations

End of Era:

End of Era Chief Charlie Rule, after 34 years of service, retired from the Manteca Fire Department Died August 27, 2003

Characteristics – Chief Daniels:

Characteristics – Chief Daniels Passionate about doing the right thing, once he determines what that is Patient with people Slow to anger Compassionate, but keeps emotions below the surface

Characteristics cont.:

Characteristics cont. Always in control of self. And when appropriate, others Funny, but not a jokester Dedicated to developing officers and managers into the best they can be Infinitely curious


Background M.S . in Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo B.A. in Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Introduced to the fire service through neighbors – was appointed Board Member to Foothills Fire and Rescue


Employment Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant and Firefighter with Foothills Fire and Rescue for 14 years CEO of RMD Networks, Inc., a venture capital backed provider of clinical groupware for the healthcare

Employment cont.:

Employment cont. Provides strategic and tactical planning through First Response Management, LLC Consults with healthcare organizations through his affiliation with Point-of-Care Partners, LLC Ed's Emergency Services consulting is provided through First Response Management, LLC


Future Elected to the Board of the local ambulance service – Highland Rescue Team Volunteers at the local Emergency Operations Center Recently rejoined the local Incident Management Team

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