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The Clipping Crowd is a clipping path service provider where you can get your intended service that you are looking for.


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One Stop Solution of your all Graphic Design need

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About Clipping Crowd™ Inc Clipping Crowd is a complete online solution for the cutting out of images in few simple steps Upload your images using our online uploader and get your designs within hours. Our customer service is always standby for 24/7 Clipping Crowd likes to be your best partner when it comes to any kind of image processing outsourcing. We are really excited and proud to offer our world class quality image processing services with our best price plan ever. The main purpose of Clipping Crowd is to provide a world-class customer experience for their clients when they are working with large projects. Focused on providing the highest quality and most ample resources for design professionals and those seeking graphic design services.

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Clipping Path Multiple Clipping Path Pure Image White Background Transparent Background Image Masking Shadow and Reflection Photo Retouching Photo Manipulation

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Clipping Path Clipping path service includes photo or image editing services. All the item inside the path must be comprehended after the clipping path is applied. If you looking for best clipping path service then clipping crowd may be desired choice. At present world clipping path service is the most demandable service of Photoshop. Professional photographer owner of the studio e- commerce authority website design house advertising agencies and overall the entire person who are responsible for image related job. For the blessing of the internet the world may identify as the same place. And you can also get the facility of the online at your office or home.

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Multiple Clipping Path Multiple clipping path service plays a vital role in E-commerce business to grow well. It´s all about turning an ordinary image into an attractive one which connects the buyer and the seller. Multiple clipping paths are largely effective with difficult images. Product images are always used in e-commerce sites. Products like Jewelry garments and shoes etc. presented online are have all been clipped. So it´s not needed more to say all the main images of products we see in the big ecommerce websites like Amazon eBay all those are clipped.

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Pure Image White Background To ensure world´s best quality White Background Service we draw all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tool. We always deliver the topmost possible picture quality without losing the original object features or curves and can edit the images to fit on a suitable background including white or transparent background. We have been delivering quality images to all our clients worldwide for printing online stores or websites who wish to display professional looking images without the cost of a professional photographer and with the most cost effective image editors. See our Portfolio

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Transparent Background It does not matter how complex or complicated your images are. Our skilled experienced and capable team will and ensures you the topmost quality ever. Clipping mask experts of Clipping Crowd put forward the fastest and finest Silhouette and background removing service for the offshore customers.

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Image Masking The process of photo masking is a long and time-consuming process and depends much on the image and the sector to be masked. It requires a professional touch to make images appear the way it should appear even though if it was not taken under perfect conditions or may not show the desired results that you intended. Photo Masking is required when you want to separate a part of a photo from the whole image where the edges are not well defined or sharp. It may be the whole image or a simple portion of the image. With this process you may change or alter the background of an image with blurry or thin hair like edges or transparent glass edges and make clear to show every detail.

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Shadow and Reflection Shadow Creation is a graphical effect that creates the illusion of a light source shining on an object from above so that a shadow appears to be shed behind the object. It gives an image depth by creating shading offset behind or beneath an image which gives the illusion of shadows or mock shadow from lighting and gives a 3D effect to the object. White or very light colored background is preferable for the best output of shadow creation.

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Photo Retouching Images sometimes might be appeared weird or smashed by an abundance of unpredictable instances. Photographs captured by photographers are not always bested to present. We often are inclined to display our valuable images or photograph with a little bit more editing or ornamentation. In Image Editing this technique is called Photo Retouching and Restoration. The exquisite work includes sky-importance in photography Enterprise The Web or Marketing reason.

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Let´s get started Upload your images using our friendly and unlimited web uploader Or Subsequently we give Dedicated Individual Faster and Unlimited Storage FTP for you. If you require the FTP details please let us inform.

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Free Trial You can take the chance of our free trial service before taking your final decision Price To know details about our pricing please check out our price page. And this pricing chart is for client´s assumption of cost. Please dont correspond based on this pricing chart you may get more reasonable price when you will negotiate with us. Portfolio Clipping Crowd™ Inc is a leading worldwide offshore product photo editing studio you may visit our Portfolio Page to see all of our sample images. Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy matters to all the facts and information that is being acquired from you by Clipping Crowd when you use our site and services.

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Contact Production House 155 North Ibrahimpur Mirpur Cantonment Dhaka 1206 Bangladesh Phone: +88 01921 134 251 Email: Skype: clippingcrowd

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