Stroke Treatment Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

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Get all Ideas about what is Stroke treatment ,what causes Stroke treatment ,symptoms and prevention of Stroke treatment


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Stroke Treatment: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention:

Stroke Treatment: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What is stroke?:

What is stroke? The result is blood seeping into the brain tissue,  causing  damage to brain cells. The most common  causes  of hemorrhagic  stroke  are high blood pressure and brain aneurysms.

Strokes symptoms…:

Strokes symptoms… If you observe one or more of these signs of a stroke or "brain attack," don't wait, call a doctor  immediately – Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

Some more remarkable symptoms:

Some more remarkable symptoms Sudden severe headache with no known cause Other danger signs that may occur include double vision, drowsiness, and nausea  or vomiting. Sometimes the warning signs may last only a few moments and then disappear. These brief episodes, known as transient ischemic attacks, are sometimes called "mini-strokes ."

Causes of strokes :

Causes of strokes High blood pressure - Also called hypertension, this is by far the most potent risk factor for stroke. If your blood pressure is high, you and your doctor need to work out an individual strategy to bring it down to the normal range. Cigarette smoking - Cigarette   smoking has been linked to the buildup of fatty substances in the carotid artery, the main neck artery supplying blood to the brain. Blockage of this artery is the  leading cause of stroke. Also, nicotine raises blood pressure; carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen your blood can carry to the brain; and cigarette smoke makes your blood thicker and more likely to clot.

Some more causes …:

Some more causes … Heart disease-  Common heart disorders such as coronary artery disease, valve defects, irregular heart beat, and enlargement of one of the heart's chambers can result in blood clots that may break loose and block vessels in or leading to the brain. The most common blood vessel disease, caused by the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries, is called atherosclerosis.

Treatment of strokes :

Treatment of strokes There are many hospitals that are working extensively on stroke treatment in India , following are some specific treatments for different types of strokes - Ischemic strokes are treated by methods designed to remove or by pass a clot in the blood vessel. Hymorrhagic strokes are treated by an attempt to stop bleeding in the brain and controlling high blood pressure and reduce swelling in the brain.

Damage due to strokes :

Damage due to strokes Long term damage results in to clotting in the brain. Some people may face problems in speaking properly, severe damage also causes to lose the regaining capacity forever Lose physical strength, gross coordination and balance.

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