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Dust is a common problem for many businesses. Our world-class fogging & misting Dust Control products are highly effective for Dust Suppression Industrial Dust Control techniques improve your staff's safety. Call us: 0225314020


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Dust Control | Dust Suppression | Industrial Dust Control http://bioxinternational.com/dust-control

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Dust Control | Dust Suppression Dust is a common problem for many businesses, particularly when dust becomes not only your problem but someone else's too - namely stakeholders such as neighbours, Council and Work Safe or the EPA! Combined with the increasing emphasis for workplace health and safety (HSWA) in Australia and New Zealand . dust suppression & is no longer something that can be managed with a garden hose! Instead our world-class high pressure fogging and misting; dust control products, create fine droplets of water that correspond to the particle size of the dust you want to eliminate (In general, the smaller the droplets of water, the better the binding capacity). The micron sized water droplets from our dust cannons collide with the fine dust, weighing them down, removing them from the air .

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Dust Suppression | Industrial Dust Control Our dust control sprays work . Not every misting system is the same, and there are plenty of equipment ion the market that looks similar but does not address airborne dust. For example, low pressure water droplets being much larger than dust particles they are trying to suppress may never collide but just be swept around one another, creating a watery mess and doing nothing to protect stakeholders - leaving your business at risk. Our dust prevention sprays work. Depending on your application, biOx is able to match our solutions to your specific problem with a tailored solution brought to site. Unlike other equipment suppliers or hire companies in the market, we provide the training, back up and support to make this work for you whether for a short or long term hire, or purchase in NZ or Aus .

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Dust Suppression | Industrial Dust Control For simple, yet effective minimisation of dust problems, and to improve your staff’s safety and protect your equipment, choose biOx’s Spraystream Fogging or Misting Cannons, Jet-Zone System, or Fixed Line systems . Diagram:

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You Might Be Interested In BiOx Cannons BiOx’s Spraystream cannons offer fogging options with the added benefit of manoeuvrability. Our cannons incorporate fogging and misting nozzles in a stainless-steel ring at one end of a fibreglass cannon. At the other, a high-speed composite fan accelerates air though the cannon maximises air velocity with minimal noise. The outcome is a micron-sized water droplet plume that can carry some 20-75m in distance. The fibreglass cone prevents rust, and the design incorporates the highest quality internationally renowned componentry as standard (Siemens, ACC, Cat, Grundfos ). BiOx Fixed Line biOx’s Fixed Line systems utilise high-pressure low-volume nozzles to provide superior fogging solutions. The nozzles produce a fog that emits approximately 3m from the nozzle unassisted, and can be situated at the source of dust or odours or remotely (overhead or around a periphery) to provide a cleaner working environment.

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