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Wellness Garage offers a range of cosmetic medicine treatment that are provided by an experienced general practitioner in Blacktown area, Australia. Call us: 0410595909. Clickhere:


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Cosmetic Medicine Blacktown | Anti Aging Skin Care Products Blacktown:

Cosmetic Medicine Blacktown | Anti Aging Skin Care Products Blacktown

Cosmetic Medicine Blacktown:

Cosmetic Medicine Blacktown BODY GARAGE  is the part of WELLNESS GARAGE that "restores and maintains your most healthful form and function". Remember , as I said before in FACE GARAGE, this vehicle of our life has to last 100years plus. We have everything we need to achieve this built into our physiology and the ecosystem of our Earth, we've just forgotten to use it while engaged in the modern lifestyle.

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Over the next 2 years I will be relearning these wisdoms via an Anti-Ageing / Integrative Medicine Fellowship. This is a dynamic new field of medicine which basically rebalances our systems, so we shouldn't get diseases (which are end stages of unbalanced physiologies), and should maintain our most healthful selves . Meanwhile I'll pass on some simple eating and lifestyle ideas which will, with very little effort, make powerful changes to our lives. Anti Aging Skin Care Products Blacktown


ABOUT ME My name is Halina Elizabeth Dabrowski (HALSKI for short), and I was born 16th January 1958 in Warsaw Poland from Swedish / Polish parents. Since then I've become a mother, a doctor, a farmer, an animal lover and tree hugger, an adventure traveller, a martial artist, a ballroom dancer, etc ...and still trying to develop into a balanced human being! and don't worry, I'm still working on my sense of humour too . But that's just the "clothing" I wear here in the Earthschool. Really I'm an eternal being of light that is here in this Earthschool (as we all are) to learn my lessons, give my gifts and repay any karmic debt I've incurred . Now that I'm half way through this life, I'm more conscious of how splintered our lives are, how difficult it is for all of us to juggle all our roles and identities. And I'm trying to bring all my parts together, so to speak, to more truly reflect my soul. Because I believe that is what each person is: A real-time "reflection" of their soul.


ABOUT ME This website is one baby step I'm taking for this purpose, to combine my philosophy of life and my work, to combine my love of the farm with the medicine I practice, to always perceive body and soul together, and to share the journey, in a light hearted way, with others . Come join me! And by the way....I'M QUALIFIED ! BACHELOR OF MEDICINE/BACHELOR OF SURGERY(SYD.UNI) with over 30 years experience in Anaesthetics/Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine MEMBER AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE. MEMBER COSMETIC PHYSICIANS COLLEGE OF AUSTRALASIA. with over 15 years experience in Cosmetic Medicine .

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Contact Me ADDRESS WELLNESS GARAGE PO Box 971, Jindabyne NSW 2627 Mobile : 0410 595 909 Email:

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