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Building a Healthy Diet:

Building a Healthy Diet Crystal Harper October 22, 2017 UCF Home

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Introduction Healthy Eating = Healthy M ood MyPlate Building Your Healthy Diet Read the Labels Portion Control Closing Contact Home


Introduction Healthy eating is about: Feeling great Having more energy Improving your health Create a tasty, varied, and nutritious diet Good for mind and body Home Just remember – “ Eat a rainbow ”

Healthy Eating = Healthy Mood:

Healthy Eating = Healthy Mood Studies link Western diet to depression, stress, bipolar, and anxiety disorders Ways to improve mood and lower mental health risks: Eat more fruits and vegetables Cook meals at home Reduce sugar intake Home


MyPlate Overall dietary pattern is most important Replace processed foods with real food Choose variety Half fruits and vegetables Half grains and protein Drink fat free milk and water Home ChooseMyPlate is an excellent resource for healthy eating tips!

Building Your Healthy Diet:

Home Building Your Healthy Diet

Read the Labels:

Read the Labels Home First look at serving information Check calories Look at nutrients and daily values In 2016, the FDA announced a new food label to make it easier for consumers to make better food choices. Make sure you’re getting enough of other nutrients

A Few More Tips:

A Few More Tips Home Eat a large breakfast and a small dinner Don’t skip meals Develop good “eating out” habits Add more leafy greens Plan your meals Serve food in smaller plates or bowls Research links eating a large breakfast and a small dinner with weight loss. Using small plates can also help you control your weight.


Closing Following these tips is a great start Live a healthy, happy life! Resources: LIVESTRONG.COM – Simple Healthy Living Healthy Eating – Simple Ways to Plan, Enjoy, and Stick to a Healthy Diet 20 Tricks to Eating Healthy While Eating Out Smaller Plate Study Understand Food Nutrition Labels Healthy Diet: Eating with Mental Health in Mind Home


Contact If you have any questions about this presentation , please contact: Crystal Harper Click here to end the show Home

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