Five Essential Coronavirus Prevention Items

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To fight with the coronavirus, it is important that people must take precautions. The current presentation is all about some of the coronavirus cleaning products which can effectively help the people to take precaution to fight against this pandemic. For more details visit:


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5 Essential Coronavirus Prevention Items


Deep Cleansing Sanitising Gel The world is fighting against Coronavirus and till now, no vaccine has been invented. The most effective way to fight against the virus is the use of alcohol-based sanitizer gel. There was a scarcity and high demand for these sanitizers. However, sanitizer gel that you are getting can kill both the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is designed to prevent the virus contamination. It contains a minimum of 70% Ethanol Alcohol which is the basic requirement to clean the coronavirus. It is perfectly ideal for regular day to day cleaning.


Eco Statics Control Concentrate One of the important coronavirus cleaning products is ECO Statics Control Concentrate. It is a top-class disinfectant technology platform, protecting the users from any possible bacterial and virus attack. The products are highly effective against the microbial bacteria, mycobacteria, and bacterial spores. It is also effective against viruses. Further, the product is Non-corrosive, Non-irritant, Non-toxic, food safe. Therefore, it is safe for use and highly cost-effective. It can be used in different healthcare and educational institutions.


Antiviral Face Snood Coming to stay protected against coronavirus, keeping your face covered is essential. The virus shield face snoods can help you in avoiding the virus attack. The face snood mask effectively protects you and your family from the coronavirus. It is easy to wear an antivirus mask that can prevent the infection. The single-layer material is perfect for this pandemic situation. It is light and breathable. Tested by world’ leading scientists, this mask is proven to trap and kill the virus.


Streamwash 5 – Hand Sanitiser Unit The instructions from who are clear that one must avoid the touch and maintain social distancing. Using the sanitizers from the same bottle can also infect the people. Therefore, it is important that one must use wall-mounted hand sanitizer unit such as STEAMWASH 5. It is made of compact construction which is ideal for the back of vans. It can contain up to 5lt of freshwater and can collect the same amount. The unit comes with complimentary soap and towels. Other refills can be purchased later separately.


Eco Static Handheld Sprayer Another effective coronavirus cleaning product is the ECO STATIC Handheld Sprayer. The sprayer can effectively defend the people against the coronavirus. The handheld electrostatic sprayer can help the cleaning professionals to clean even a medium-sized house quickly. One of the best things about the machine is that it can reduce downtime. The sprayer is 300 times faster than the general sprayers. It is effective against the virus and fungal effects.


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