All you need to know about wrinkle relaxer treatment

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All you need to know about wrinkle relaxer treatment A wrinkle relaxer is a treatment to treat wrinkles which occur due to ageing. It is a part of facial aesthetic surgery. As we grow old we begin to perceive the pattern of lines and wrinkle that crop up with facial expression and facial movement these are called dynamic lines. These dynamic lines sooner or later form static lines which remain forever due to the following factors:  with the persistent and repetitive use of facial muscles in conjunction with volume loss  loss of subcutaneous fat  alterations in facial bones and  loss and damage to collagen and elastin within the skin Apart from above mentioned direct exposure to sun smoking and even few facial expressions also add to the formation of wrinkles. Areas that can be treated with wrinkle relaxers: The below mentioned areas can be treated with wrinkle relaxers:

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Source: Insights about wrinkle relaxer treatment: Are you also suffering from formation on wrinkles If so don’t worry. The good news is that there are cosmetic injections available now in the market. These injections can help reduce and even in some cases prevent the appearance of wrinkles. A wrinkle relaxer is a purified protein injected with a tiny needle into the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to form on the face and neck. They are commonly known as anti-wrinkle injections. A wrinkle injection treatment takes approximately 10 minutes and you can resume your normal activities immediately. A wrinkle relaxant treatment is typically recommended once in a quarter. In this treatment Pain is negligible and succinct with usually no anesthetic requirement. Immediately prior to treatment you can apply ice to help lessen soreness and help prevent bruising. For optimum and safe results it is important that wrinkle relaxers are administered by a fully- trained cosmetic professional. Post treatment care In most of the cases doctors advise patients not to lay flat for at least four hours subsequent the procedure. Possible side effects of wrinkle relaxers treatment: The impact of wrinkle relaxant is not permanent but it is long lasting may last for about 4 months. Its possible side effects include:  Local swelling  Redness and discomfort due to it  Mild bruising  Uneven facial texture or irregularity of the filler  Granuloma long-term nodules allergy infection and ischemia rare You are not recommended to avail this treatment if you fall under any of the below criteria:  Either you are a pregnant or a breast feeding woman  If you have medical history of auto-immune type diseases  If you have multiple allergies especially impacting skin  If you have Roaccutane in the last 3 months Closing note In normal cases the impact of wrinkle relaxer treatment is noticed gradually over 5-10 days. Not more than 1-2 of the people need replenish after a fortnight. Some patients especially men need a higher dose. One major benefit of wrinkle relaxers is the wrinkle prevention aspect. The longer wrinkle relaxers are used typically the more wrinkle prevention occurs. The supplementary benefit is that most complications are entirely reversible.

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