Signs Of A Faulty Heater

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A survey has claimed that more than 40% of death happened because of sparking in the heater. Which results in fire and cause destruction and takes human life’s.


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Signs Of A Faulty Heater:

Signs Of A Faulty Heater Here we explain you some signs of a faulty heater. With the help of these signs, you can identify that your heating system is working properly or not.


Check if the outer casing is discoloured or is there any soot stains? This might be the symptom of a faulty flue.


The pilot light ‘pops’ when lighting or goes out unexpectantly .


If a yellow flame appeared in the heater, it indicates that the heater is not working properly .


The wall shouldn’t be too hot when it is touched .


An unusual smell or a noisy fan operation indicates a faulty heater .

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