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contact Debbie Dozier 1

Crazygood™   Great new Social Network :

Crazygood ™ Great new Social Network · Privacy protected – YOUR info is NOT for sale! Your privacy is respected & protected · A Secure Social Network · Supports your charity · Earn extra money by inviting friends · A Social Network where it literally pays to have friends contact Debbie Dozier 2

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This is a subscription-based Social Networking website that protects and respects your privacy (your personal information is NOT for sale to anyone EVER) , security protected (no viruses), supports your favorite charity, no advertising or pop-ups allowed on your page, and allows you to earn money for inviting your friends to your website. Join a Social Network that respects and pays you today!!! contact Debbie Dozier 3

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contact Debbie Dozier 4

Crazygood™ is COPPA Friendly:

Crazygood™ is COPPA Friendly Simply put we are a safe place for families and Children COPPA – The Children’s Privacy Protection of 1998 ~ Our Certification in process contact Debbie Dozier No Hate No Profanity No Adult Pictures No Vulgarity No Nudity 5

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A safe place for your children to socialize A social-minded social network Crazygood™ is a private social network where you get paid for your referrals 10% of Crazygood™ income goes to charity Join Today! Start inviting YOUR friends! Go to: contact Debbie Dozier 6

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contact Debbie Dozier 7

Transparency ~ Where the Money Goes:

Transparency ~ Where the Money Goes Opening in 80+ countries (actually anywhere in the world where someone can get on the Internet ) Minimum age requirement for enrollment: 13 Low monthly maintenance fee of only $10 per-Month No required contract period or commitment $ 1.00 goes to your selected charity $ 4.00 goes to run the website, technology administration, support and servers to run the site plus marketing, and accounting $ 5.00 goes to you for each person you sponsor in your down-line to level-5 ($1 per person per month) contact Debbie Dozier 8

This is Better Than Friends With Benefits!:

This is Better Than Friends With Benefits! What if you could have gotten paid to be on Facebook at the beginning of the company, which by the way has 550 million people!! Facebook makes $1.5 Billion annually, how much do they pay you? Crazygood ™ pays you to refer friends. How many friends do you have on Facebook, and their friends and their friends? And you don't earn a penny! If you refer 5 who refer 5 who refer 5 who refer 5 who refer 5 you are making $3,905.00 a month. If you are lazy or don't want to open your mouth then refer 3, who refer 3, who refer 3, who refer 3, who refer 3 and you will make $363 monthly If you do the same thing but refer 10 and 4 more refer 10 that would net you $111, 100 PER MONTH Plug in your own numbers and do try the interactive worksheet now !! https :// contact Debbie Dozier 9

Residual Donations Don’t Just Make $ense it Makes Dollar$:

Residual Donations Don’t Just Make $ense it Makes Dollar$ contact Debbie Dozier 10

Churches, Charities, Schools, Non-Profits:

contact Debbie Dozier Churches, Charities, Schools, Non-Profits Welcome to the Charitable Initiative Crazygood™ believes in helping people and promoting community, so we give 10% of our GROSS revenues to worthwhile causes that our affiliates choose to support. The POWER of a Community is in its people. More specifically the NUMBER of people. With numbers comes STRENGTH. Crazygood believes strength is meant for SERVICE not STATUS . Charities get paid 2 ways from the Charity Pool AND from the money generated by your affiliates or members. The old way of fundraising is just inefficient. Tag sales, Bazaars, Tee-Shirt Sales, Car Washes, Pie and Dinner Sales and the like. Crazygood’s Charity Initiative is a revolutionary way to get residual funds your organization. Please call us today to arrange a no obligation, no commitment, stress free appointment. We are available to introduce or roll out this program to your organization. We are also available for information and education sessions as well. Get residual donations for your building fund, missionary funds, international out reach, computers, building expansion, books and more! The donation that keeps on giving. 11

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contact Debbie Dozier How any organization can benefit If you have any of the following you can adopt the Crazy Good Compensation Plan with a no cost membership: Non Profit (501c3) Organization Church Charity Schools Funds/Foundations Your organization and members would gain revenue for having people to do what they normally do (attend your events and inviting new members). If you’re wondering how, just give us a call and we can give you a 30 minute phone consultation including: 10 minutes of our company details and what we do and how we generate additional revenue for you. 10 minutes of questions & answers 5 minutes of getting you set up in the system 5 minutes of Crazy Good celebration to a new REVENUE. WAIT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GIVE US A CALL NOW: 678-404-0090 12

Your Circle of Influence:

Your Circle of Influence contact Debbie Dozier 13

This Standard May Be Too Low For You– But it is Up to YOU! Everyone Gets 10 - Nets You $111,110 PER MONTH:

This Standard May Be Too Low For You– But it is Up to YOU! Everyone Gets 10 - Nets You $111,110 PER MONTH contact Debbie Dozier 14

Just Add Three Friends =$363 Per Month You Just Don’t Get It Yet!:

Just Add Three Friends =$363 Per Month You Just Don’t Get It Yet! contact Debbie Dozier 15

You Still Don’t Quite Get It…Keep Watching the Numbers Could you use $11, 111 per month?:

You Still Don’t Quite Get It…Keep Watching the Numbers Could you use $11, 111 per month? contact Debbie Dozier 16

Some Do a Lot of Work & Some Don’t - What Will You Do? $3.75 Million Dollars Per Month:

Some Do a Lot of Work & Some Don’t - What Will You Do? $3.75 Million Dollars Per Month contact Debbie Dozier 17

Some Are Doing Phenomenal Work & Some Are Doing Ok $32,000,000 PER MONTH:

Some Are Doing Phenomenal Work & Some Are Doing Ok $32,000,000 PER MONTH contact Debbie Dozier 18

Everyone Does 5 – Doing A Little Something Nets $3905 PER MONTH:

Everyone Does 5 – Doing A Little Something Nets $3905 PER MONTH contact Debbie Dozier 19

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This is an EXTREMELY Nice Scenario $1,000,000 Per Month, err, That Would be $10,000,000 PER MONTH That’s 10 Million Dollars Per Month contact Debbie Dozier 20

Take a Look For Yourself!:

Take a Look For Yourself! Click Here to Use Our Interactive Worksheet If you can not access the link above, go to: plug in your goals and see the outcome Be Optimistic…..Be Realistic……Explore the possibilities!!! I am not good at math either…. BUT The good folks at Crazygood gave Us this simple Multiplication Forecast Worksheet (An interactive multiplication table)!!!!!! ….Dream On and TAKE ACTION Now!!!!!! contact Debbie Dozier Plug in Your Own Numbers and See What Your Goals Look Like 21

Crazy Good Phone Calls:

Crazy Good Phone Calls These are our corporate calls hosted by a great team ~T.J. Kirkland, Reggie Williams and Jonathan Washington ~ Overview Calls ~ 800.518.2097 and 712.432.1085 access code 817250# or 712.432.0075 Access Code 817250# 24/7 Information Conference Calls ~ 712.432.1085 Access Code 817250# Monday thru Saturday ~ Noon ~ 3pm ~ 9pm ~ Sundays ~ 9pm Training Calls ~ 1.800.508.2097 OR 712.432.1085 Access Code 817250# Mondays ~ 9 pm Special Charities, Churches and Non-Profit Information Calls ~ 712.432.0075 Access Code 817250# Mondays and Thursdays 5 PM Women’s Call ~ 712.432.1085 Access Code 817250# Thursdays 9pm contact Debbie Dozier 22

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contact Debbie Dozier 23

Don’t Lose Another Opportunity:

Don’t Lose Another Opportunity 678.404.0090 contact Debbie Dozier 24

Your Other Social Networks are NOT Free:

Your Other Social Networks are NOT Free Have a CRAZYGOOD day ! And think where you will be when Crazygood hits the 5 Million mark of affiliates being paid to refer friends. (And I know you're thinking, "But my network is free." No, it isn't! You are paying with your information. AND you don't get to share in the company revenues, do you? Well, do you? I didn't think so! You know, I'm just giving you a hard time. But it's true :) contact Debbie Dozier 25

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contact Debbie Dozier You're Invited To Hear HOW Crazygood …. The Private Social Site… PAYS you…PAYS your organization…PAYS your supporters to Socialize… HEAR How Crazygood is planting a seed for a bountiful harvest. Come learn how and why successful Christian business men and ministers decided to create a Crazygood 'GATED-COMMUNITY ' to do the social networking, that currently occurs on FaceBook . Find out WHY they've decide to PAY US MONTHLY just for referring our FaceBook Friends to this new site. 26

Celebrities Know a Good Opportunity ~ A Crazygood One!:

Celebrities Know a Good Opportunity ~ A Crazygood One ! Tom Joyner & Steve Harvey Join Crazygood celebrities, millionaires & people who know money get it! contact Debbie Dozier Monique Bernadette Stanis “Thelma” from Good Times Ben Tankard F amous Gospel/Jazz Artist Dr. Elon Bomani homeless mom to millionaire Nicola Jackson Millionaire Marketer Stormy Wellington Millionaire Marketer George Foreman IV 27

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contact Debbie Dozier 1. 712-432-1085 pin 817250# (call 24 hours a day) 2. 712-432-0075 pin 817250# (call 12pm, 3pm, 9pm Mon-Sat & 9pm Sun.) 3. 712-432-0075 pin 817250# (call 5pm Mondays and Thursdays) This Call Is For Pastors & Non-profit leaders You Are Invited to Listen to One of Our Daily Informational Calls ~ Listed in EST Zone 28

Signs You Can Trust:

Signs You Can Trust contact Debbie Dozier 29

Have a Crazygood Life!!!:

Have a Crazygood Life!!! contact Debbie Dozier 30

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contact Debbie Dozier Fundraising Funding Development Strategy Tithes Prospects Sustainability Feasibility Donations Networking Foundations Residual Giving Economy Social Spirit of Giving Network Cause Community Recession Web 2.0 Planning Campaigns 31

Why Join My Team?:

Why Join My Team? contact Debbie Dozier I pay it forward I guarantee your success I will GIVE you leads I will make sure that you are plugged into the latest Crazygood training, updates and news I will start you off with an orientation session I will give you another stream of income absolutely free - A free i nternet d istribution Site – You save money, You get 30% commission (not a Crazygood affiliation) 32

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