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Clayton Perlman: Work/Life Balance Tips

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Clayton Perlman is a real estate and financial professional who strives to do well in today’s economy but it isn’t easy. Clayton Perlmankeeps a focus on maintaining his work/life balance so he has room for his hobbies and relaxation in addition to his professional responsibilities. This ensures he can spend time with his dogs going on hikes boating and playing his guitar to relieve stress.

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If you’d like to take a page from Clayton Perlman and maintain a healthier work/life balance in your own life tips like these will help:

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• Don’t Focus on Too Much If your schedule is too packed you’re trying to balance too many things at once. Think of it like an actual balancing act – if your arms are too full and you’re carrying too many things you won’t stay balanced for long. Focus only on the things that are most important to you and you’ll have an easier time staying balanced.

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• Ask for Support Tell your friends family and coworkers that you’re going to focus on your work/life balance. Professionals like Clayton Perlman do this to ensure that their time is respected by those around them and it’s critical if you want your balance to last. Ask the people in your life to support you in finding your balance and also to keep you accountable.

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