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Welcome to ROPE’s Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE:

Welcome to ROPE’s Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE English Grammar Session 10 Section 1The Parentheses

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Objective: To equip the student with a working understanding of the mechanics of the English language both written and spoken Duration: The session shall take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Navigation: Please review the navigation information on the next slide since it is extremely important to know how to move around the course. Again Welcome


There are three navigational features on each slide and they can be found by passing your arrow over the lower left segment of the slide. Forward arrow – Advances to the next slide Back Arrow – Goes back to the previous slide Pause - Allows you to either pause the slide or play it forward again Selection- Allows you to select which slide you want to go to Navigation


All source material for the course is taken from Capital Community College . ROPE acknowledges their lawful ownership. This material will be used like a textbook and it’s content will be taught by a certified BAPI instructor. None of the material will be resold for profit. SOURCE MATERIAL

Please Take notes:

Please Take notes If you do not have paper and pencil please stop the video and obtain some now. It is extremely important that you take very good notes. If you are ready Let’s get started

The Inside Story:

This set of slides will illustrate the most common uses of one of the most noted punctuation marks: THE PARENTHESES Use the information icon and hyperlinks (this color) to link to sources of further information in the Guide to Grammar and Writing. The Inside Story

The Inside Story:

Use  parentheses [ ( ) ]  to include material that you want to de-emphasize    The Inside Story

The Inside Story:

 If the material within parentheses appears within a sentence, do not use a capital letter or period to punctuate that material, even if the material is itself a complete sentence Thirty-five years after his death, Robert Frost (we remember him at Kennedy's inauguration) remains America's favorite poet The Inside Story

The Inside Story:

A question mark or exclamation mark, however, might be appropriate and necessary for the material inside the parentheses . Thirty-five years after his death, Robert Frost (do you remember him?) remains America's favorite poet. The Inside Story

The Inside Story:

  If the material within your parentheses is written as a separate sentence (not included within another sentence), punctuate it as if it were a separate sentence . Thirty-five years after his death, Robert Frost remains America's favorite poet. (We remember him at Kennedy's inauguration.) The Inside Story

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This PowerPoint presentation was created by Charles Darling, PhD Professor of English and Webmaster Capital Community College Hartford, Connecticut copyright November 1999

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed This Section:

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed This Section Please proceed to the next module to take your practice quiz. Please take good notes for your practice quiz since much of this information will comprise your course tests, midterm exam and final exam.

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