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Emergency Shelter Pods vs. Paper:

Emergency Shelter Pods vs. Paper Clay D. Pollock

Paper Shelter/Pod Pros :

Paper Shelter/Pod Pros Cost effective- materials are readily available and cheap. Accessibility- easily movable and lightweight. Tubes can easily be shipped and moved by hand. Durability- are well constructed and can hold heavy loads as you can see in the TED talk. Diverse set up- May add or subtract materials as needed to better suit the situation (i.e. more privacy, storage area)

Paper tube/Pod Cons :

Paper tube/Pod Cons Fronting the bill- state and local governments must meet a certain criteria in order to receive help from FEMA. Funds may not be readily available to use. Durability- strength of material can only be so much. Paper tubes would need to be reinforced with stronger material in order to withstand hurricane force winds. Slow building process- Tubes must be engineered properly to withstand heavy loads. If not carefully built, there will be risk of structural collapse and possible further injury.

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