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Paintings Exhibitions Biography Videos Claudio Giulianelli The paintings


Tutti i segreti di Annalisa Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 60 - 2017


Forse che si, forse che no Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


I dialoghi con la Natura Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


La dama del Sola – dedicato a Massimo Rao un Maestro ritrovato Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 702017


Speaking of my work is hard for me; talking about how the subjects and figures that populate my paintings came to be and how they took shape is hard. My love for Ancient Art was surely instrumental. It was a love that sparked when I was a kid vacationing in Porto Ercole in Tuscany over the summer. A place where old fishermen recounted the legend of Caravaggio's death, and how his headless ghost would ride the spirit of a horse on the shores of Cala Galera . That painter had a huge impact on me, his paintings became part of my DNA. I started studying his works one by one, learning from his style and technique. Then, one day, during art class in middle school, I noticed a poster hanging on the wall behind the teacher. In the corner of that poster was an excerpt from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. I was mesmerized, I thought it was a contemporary artist because of the representation of a man with a face like a fish... that experience opened the doors to his magical and mysterious world, getting under my skin. It has been a part of me since.   Indeed, it's hard for me to talk about my work... Claudio Giulianelli THE LAST PAINTINGS


La tempesta Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2017


La legge degli opposti Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


Mio figlio Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 30 x 40 - 2017


Alla ricerca del Sole Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2017


Il sorriso di Grünt Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


Madre Natura Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 120 x 150 2013 Euro 4.000 AED 16.440


La Dama del Sole , dedicato a Massimo Rao un Maestro ritrovato Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


Si può fare.. Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50- 2017


Il sorriso di Grünt Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 - 2017


Concerto con la Natura Acrylic and oil on table cm 38 x 38- 2017


Mio figlio Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2017


Storie di una bolla Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2012 Euro 3.500 AED 14.385


Trasmutazione Acrylic on table cm 80 x 160


In this movie, the artist talks about the meaning of his art, the video is subtitled in English Presentation of his solo exhibition in Red Star Art Gallery Hangzhou China https:// Photo book of solo exhibition in Red Star Art Gallery Hangzhou China On YOUTUBE Video about the solo exhibition in Taverna San Benedetto – Gualdo Tadino Pg Italy Video about the Art Fair of JiNan Video about the Art Exhibition in Beijing Video about the solo exhibition in Antica Fornace Grazia – Deruta Pg Italy


La signora Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2016


Excerpts from professional reviews: ... not really a witch, but certainly a disturbing sorceress; this is the woman, the prominent figure in “Il campo di grano ” (The cornfield) by Claudio Giulianelli . She's shown holding a puppet who sits on the edge of an opening, this way providing a view of a gold tinted landscape; clearly inspired by the iconography of the Venetian Renaissance. The woman is wearing a bizarre hat, which only remotely resembles that of a court jester. She has a serious look on her face, almost impenetrable; in fact it doesn't reveal any emotion to the viewer as opposed to the puppet who smiles happily. She appears to be staring silently at the viewer. On a closer inspection, however, the puppet seems to grasp her finger. In the context of this exhibition, I like to think of this woman as a witch, a sorceress, an alchemist, who, why not, can make the man-puppet do whatever she wants him to do. Adelinda Allegretti


  Faces and symbols in Claudio Giulianelli's art. Staring at a painting and being transported to a remote world, buried for centuries, hidden in stories, lost in a tornado of forgotten memories and sudden remembrance. Or maybe not. It's like a close, immediate universe, an emerging surface, a new place of the mind, floating, escaping, sometimes in reach, sometimes taking over, commanding the attention of the senses. Looking at one of Claudio Giulianelli's paintings raises a question, sudden, abrupt, surprising. It's a shift in perception and dimension, a step, a bump in the road; it's a shiver left hanging, uncertain; it is a vibration that like a large wave overcomes reality and runs through the work following the flow of colors on the canvas. It's a feeling of being stuck half way through, on the edge of a depth that can't be defined, can't be examined and definitely can’t be ignored. Giulianelli gives meaning to this never ending sensation with his subjects, untamed characters, far away so close. They alone dominate the canvas; they are isolated yet they seem to move towards the front. There is almost no background, no elements around them; seldom there's a hint to the surroundings; it's more like a mix of smoke and darkness, a game of shadows, a flattened abyss that erases the concept of physical space. It evokes instead a nocturnal atmosphere, moon shadows, a mysterious feeling like that of a secret society. What we see comes alive from this contrast; it moves away from the light and shadow effect, it separates itself from the play on light giving substance and dispersing the scene behind. It encloses, it focuses, it almost implodes on the subjects. Spirals and swirls of color dissolve the consistency of the backgrounds, coagulating and giving volume and physicality to the figures. That's when you realize you are being watched. Delicate human beings and fairies are staring beyond their dimension, invading the viewer's space. It's a stare on this side of the canvas, they seem to come out of the frame, reaching outside of their confinement, breaking the separation of these two worlds, reality and imaginative. It becomes a mute dialogue made of firm and allusive gestures. They surround themselves with obscure symbols and clear signs, they stop to suggest an interpretation, to give a warning, to show the birth of emotion. Those are characters dressed in vivid colors and adorned in antique drapes; their heads covered by surreal hairstyles and elaborated hats, dominating the symbolic objects in their hands or their gestures. It's a mask coming off only to reveal a new mask. The artist follows and re-elaborates cultural modules that are apparent in the shaping of these characters: influences of the Flemish painting, the allegorical symbolism of Bosch in particular, the iconography of alchemical, esoteric, astrological textbooks, the tradition of visionary painting. Yet these faces possess all original features that lend themselves to a world of intimacy and privacy. More than the realistic strength or imaginative deformation of those archetypes, the characters embody an icy excess, a static preciousness, a psychological severity that conveys a modern vision of reality. It is not the hiding in the rooms of an ancient and reassuring icon, it is not the avoiding the weight of contemporary life. Without a doubt Giulianelli is depicting forms of his own conscience, creatures that populate intimate rooms of the soul, and are born from a personal place deep inside.


La Signora delle bolle e i nastri gialli Acrylid and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70


This 'giving a face to the shadows,' which is the essence of an artist's work, even more so of that of a painter, becomes exchange and comparison of humanity. It proceeds from the sediments of the tradition in remembering. It looks right into the perception of reality through the ways Giulianelli's characters interact with those watching them. If after all this standing at the front has provocative connotations, of blame, or even simply of a melancholic and nostalgic longing for an idealized condition; if the identity game suggested by the masks and disguises is an invitation for mankind to find a dimension in which everyone wonders about his own disguise and the role being played, instead of a mental arabesque; it all translates into a relationship that goes beyond the limits; limits of inner self, of individuality; opening to the universe, urging reflection, questions, demanding a moment of quiet in order to stop and try to understand. Francesco Giulio Farachi Claudio Giulianelli's art is full of fantasy, creativity and deep analysis. A kind of art that goes back to the past to discover true beauty, purity and authenticity of the imagery. Claudio's pictures, most of them representing feminine subjects, are a commixture of reality and imagination , dream and mystic, memories and symbolism. The inspiration to the antique represents for this artist the opportunity to free his mind and create images that cast themselves to a new time of revolution in graphics. This is a very difficult form of art maintained between tracks of real memories and freedom of expression. There's a flash of light coming from the looks of Claudio's pictures; it's a light that doesn't seem to belong to a particular time, neither in the past nor in the present. It's the light of Claudio's soul, the light of true expression of art going beyond any established dimension. In terms of quality his works are spectacular; in terms of meaning his works are deep and remarkable. Claudio Giulianelli , like others despises the world around him; a world where hypocrisy, chaos and confusion seems to predominate over good. Therefore he finds home in his own universe, a place where he experiences mystery and fascination. Claudio's works have a particularly beautiful appearance and a t the same time, they carry the capability of catching the observer's interest and curiosity .


Viewing and pondering his works brings up a question about the subjects in his paintings, it seems impossible to determine their gender. This artist doesn't distinguish male and female in his portraits because he sees both of them just as manifestations of human nature. In Claudio's symbolism, where every character has a spiritual value, the differences lose their meaning and leave space for a new enchanting expression capable of engaging the observer. His body of work embraces many different cultural movements. It's easy to identify elements of Surrealism, Impressionism and Symbolism. A very distinctive form of art based on instinct in which the imagery is lacking only the ability to converse. If those paintings could talk, they would certainly have something to say about the contemporary human behaviour . They would suggest a sweet and quiet period of hybernation , opposing reality in order to discover peace and serenity. The message that this artist seems to convey is one of regaining the true dimension of the existence through history and ourselves. C. Zonno . Those who are already familiar with Giulianelli's emotional soul could not help rejoicing at his new works... The observer will surely be caught and brought into a surreal universe that would intensely fascinate him. Claudio Giulianelli , whose body of work takes inspiration from Bosch's philosophical chemistry of symbols between the human figures, effects his own artistic style in a fantasy world but still truly connected to his ontological reality. A. de Angelis


Some photos of most important solo exhibitions Art Hub Art Residence Abu Dhabi May 2013 Italian month Redstar Art Gallery Hangzhou – China 2011


.   BIOGRAPHY Claudio Giulianelli was born in Rome on September 23rd, 1956. He attended a college of chemical sciences. During his studies he felt a growing interest in the arts. His passion grew stronger and that led him to study art history in depth and various painting techniques. He focused his research on classical art guided by a thorough observation of the Old Masters' paintings. Books about Caravaggio and Flemish painters became his constant companions. Claudio sharpened his style after meeting with well-known painters such as Delfo Previtali and Guido Razzi . Through the years he travelled around Europe to see the Old Masters' works up close. The emotions he felt in the presence of these masterpieces inspired his future works. In 1992 he moved to Corchiano , a very small town of etruscan origin located near Rome, where he currently lives and works. Claudio Giulianelli can be contacted at the following address: Via Fratta 1/ i 01030 Corchiano , Viterbo , Italy. Email: cell 0039 393/0402949 Web site He founded the Mega Art Association along with other artists. Mega Art is hub to the best artists that can be found on the web today. Website:


La Madonna della colomba Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2017 Fondazione Aligi Sassu Villa Filippini - Besana in Brianza (MB) -


CURRICULUM OF INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITIONS 1975 Collettiva Palazzo dei Congressi – Rome 1978 Collettiva al Centro d’Arte “Nuova Figurazione” – Rome 1983 Expo Tevere – Rome 1984 Collettiva Palazzo Cateani – Cisterna Lt 1985 Collettiva Galleria “Leonardo da Vinci” – Rome 1985 Expo Arte Bari 1985 Mostra Nazionale Arti Figurative - Foligno 1985 "La Tavola nel Mondo" Palazzo dei Congressi Eur Rome 1987 III Rassegna Nazionale - Anzio - Rome 1987 "L'Arte oggi nel regno Angioino" - Cittaducale Rieti 1987 Il Presepio Vivente - Rivisondoli 1987 Premio Lions Club Città di Leonessa (Targa IV Premio) 1987 Primo incontro artisti dell'Alto Sangro (Targa) 1988 "L'Arte contro l'Aids" Ministero dei Beni Culturali e Ambiente – Complesso monumentale di S. Michele a Ripa - Rome 1988 I Biennale d'Arte Sacra - Fermo 1988 Mostra internazionale di Mail Art - Circolo Sirena - Francavilla al Mare 1988 IV Rassegna Nazionale Arti Figurative – Perugia 1988 Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Città di Giulianova (coppa) 1988 Palazzo Mazzacurati – Bologna 1988 Premio S. Giovanni Leonardi (III Premio) – Rome 1989 XX Premio Internazionale di Pittura Civitella Roveto 1989 Premio Nazionale Arte Sacra Mariana - -Sala del Bramante Rome 1989 100 Presepi - Sale del Bramante a Rome 1990 Concorso internazionale per l'ideazione di un francobollo per le Poste Giapponesi – Tokyo 1990 Premio "Pennello d'Oro" – Sulmona 1991 Settimana dello sbarco - Salone degli Specchi Anzio 1991 Mostra Internazionale a tema ferroviario – Milan 1991 Premio Dante Alighieri - Sala delle Protomoteca del Campidoglio Rome 1991 100 Presepi - Sala del Bramante Rome 1996 Collettiva Centro Culturale S Agostino – Rome 2005 Theleton BNL 2006 Selezione Museo La Corugna Spain 2006 Re-opening Art party Young Museum Centro Internazionale D'Arte Moderna Palazzo Ducale Revere (Mn) 2006 "La Donna animale" Collettiva Chiesa di S Francesco--Capranica Vt 2006 La Notte Bianca--Roma presso la Neoartgallery Rome 2006 Collettiva Palazzo Medici Clarelli – Rome 2006 Collettiva Laboratorio Emozionale – Rome 2006 Fiera Internazionale d’Arte di Istanbul 2006 Arte Lanterna - III Incontro Arte Contemporanea Carrozzeria Rizieri—Pontedera Pisa 2006 Teatro Piccolo Eliseo - Roma - Collettiva organizzata da Tartaglia Arte – Rome 2007 “Dalla Rete alla Tela” manifestazione organizzata da “Carta e Matita” - Milano Spazio Tadini – Milan 2007 Lineadarte — Collettiva 20 x 20 – Naple 2007 “La realtà dell’invisibile” Tendastrisce — Rome 2007 Mostra d’Arte “Salamanca” - Castello di Spittal Drau—Austria 2007 Arte Magica - Laboratorio Kedesh Treviso 2007 Oltreandiamo—premio di pittura—Marina di Giocosa—Rc    


2007 La Città del Cinema collettiva Mega Art Tartaglia Arte Isola Tiberina -Rome 2007 Seconda cava d'Estrazione Santa Barbara Naples 2008 - Giuseppe Garibaldi uomo di libertà - Museo storico - ex convento di S. Francesco - Bergamo 2008 - Giuseppe Garibaldi hombre de la libertad , hombre de la humanidad - Sala de Ceremonias de la Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo - Uruguay 2008 Biblioteca della Camera dei Deputati, "il libro d'autore e l'acqua" Rome 2008 Napoli Officina Creativa Linea d'Arte 20 x 20 Naples 2008 Excelsior Palace Hotel, Open Art Aurum – Taormina 2008 Galleria d'Arte Carré d’ Artistes – Lille France 2008 Scent of a woman - Profumo di Donna - Palazzo dei Sette - Ovieto Tr 2008 RaccontiArte Galleria Interculturale Permanente - coll. Unione Europea 2009 Mostra Museale di Mail Art- Palazzo Ateneo - Montevideo Uruguay 2009 Biblioteca del Parlamento Italiano - Giornata Mondiale del Libro e del Diritto d'Autore - Rome 2009 Galleria d'Arte Carré d' Artistes Parigi France 2009 Galleria Piccolo Angelo – Viterbo 2009 Premio Terna 2 2009 Palazzo dell' Areonautica Civile - Pechino China 2009 Galleria d'arte "Le Ali di Mirna " - Mesagne Br 2009 Centro d'Arte "Casa Tani " - Rovereto Tr 2009 I colori del Divino Amore - Santuario del Divino Amore Rome 2010 International Art Fair Stuttgart-Sindelfingen (Germany) 2010 1° Concorso Int.le Bruno Buozzi Hotel Aran Mantegna Rome (fuori concorso) 2010 Fiera d'Arte di Agrigento 2010 Only Italy Mostra Arte Contemporanea - Teatro Stabile di Hangzhou (Cina) 2010 XIII New West Lake Art Fair Mostra Arte Contemporanea al Peace Exibition Center di Hangzhou (China) 2010 Casa d'aste "Il Babuino " a favore dei terremotati d'Abruzzo 2010 Contemporaneamente - Galleria Le Ali di Mirna - Mesagne (Br) 2010 I colori della Forma - Fondazione De Nittis Barletta (Ba) 2010 Premio Internazionale Italia Arte - Villa Qualino - To 2010 Carousell do Louvre – Paris 2010 EXPOMUNDIAL SOCCER 2010 Flamingo Road Gallery Bogotà Colombia 2010 Tempo Redento piano nobile del Castello Normanno Svevo di Mesagne (Br) 2010 Premio Int.le "Patrizi e Plebei" Galleria Cen . Int.le OAD Via del Corso Rome 2010 Centro d'Arte "Casa Tani " Sul far della Sera - Rovereto Tr 2011 Carrè d' Artiestes - Bordeaux France 2011 Galleria d'arte "La Suburra" – Rome 2011 Carrè d'Artistes - Tolosa France 2011 West Lake Art Fair- Hangzhou ( Shaghai ) – China 2011 Don's Sleep Latino Art Museum - Pomona Los Angeles- USA 2011 Galleria d'Arte "Le Ali di Mirna " Mesagne Br 2011 Premio Internazionale Città di Corchiano Vt Italy 2011 Arte Padova - Fiera Int.le d'Arte Padova – Italy 2012 Cultura Contact - Centro d'Arte San Vidal – Venice 2012 Cultural Contact Il Labirinto - Alatri Fr 2012 Carré d' Artistes Lyone France 2012 Centro Culturale Redstar Hangzhou - Shanghai – China 54 Biennale di Venezia - Padiglione Italia - Torino curato da Vittorio Sgarbi- Venice 2012 Cultural Contact - Museo Archeologico di Santa Severa Rome 2012 76^ Fiera del Levante – Bari 2012 4th International Competition of Contemporaney Art of GEMLUC - Monte-Carlo Principality of Monaco 2012 consegna premio "Modella per l'Arte 2012" - Belgirate Vb 2012 2a Edizione Concorso Internazionale d'Arte Premio Città di Corchiano (fuori concorso)


Quello che forse so Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2014


2013 Marathon Village - Mega Art sulle bulemie ed anoressie 2013 Collettiva degli artisti di Mega Art - Centro d'Arte La Bitta di Rome 3a Edizione Concorso Internazionale d'Arte Città di Corchiano Vt 2014  Human   Spazio Eventart   Pergine Valsugana Tn 2014  1° Concorso "Il piatto di "Natale - fuori concorso - Chiostro Vescovile Civita Castellana Vt 2015  Galleria Simultanea Spazi d'Arte - Firenze 2015  Carré d' Artistes – Roma 2015  Le Dame Art Gallery   - London  bye Useum 2015 Dialogue of Death - Cript Gallery London 2015 Mostra Ritratti dei Papi- Madonna del Pozzo - Roma 2015 Cypress College Art Gallery - Los Angeles USA 2016 Bozzetto d'arte per un carro allegorico Museo Michetti - Francavilla al Mare Ch 2016 Art Nation Miami - USA 2016 International Art Fair Forlì 2016 International ArtExpo New York City  USA 2016 In nomine Sancti Nicolai – Bari  2016 Jadite Galleries, New York (USA) 2016 International Art Fair JiNan China by ArtBank 2016 Art Expo Beijing Pechino China 2016 Espace Art Galllery -  Bruxelles Belgio   2016 - 26a Fiera Internazionale Istanbul by Neoartgallery   2016 - Fiera Internazionale di Innsbruck 2017 - Exclusive Art Gallery   Teano Cs 2017 IN SACRAMENTA MANENT Artisti contemporanei in dialogo  sul Sacro con Aligi Sassu Villa Filippini - Besana in Brianza (MB) SOLO EXHIBITION 1980 Teatro dei Dioscuri – Roma 1981 Galleria IWS Roma 1983 Galleria Michelangelo Bari 1984 Centro Esp Roma 1986 Centro d'Arte "La Bitta" Roma 1989 Palazzo Orsini Morlupo 1990 Palazzina Corsini Villa Pamphili Roma 1991 Centro d'Arte "La Bitta" Roma 1992 Centro IMI CSA Roma 1993 Centro IMI CSA Roma 1994 Centro d'Arte Corchiano 1996 Palazzo Ridolfi Corchiano 1997 Sala Anselmi Viterbo 2000 Palazzo Ridolfi Corchiano 2002 Palazzo Ridolfi Corchiano 2005 Palazzo Ridolfi Corchiano 2006 Galleria Tartaglia Arte Roma 2006 ArtCafè Rieti 2007 Tajut Roma 2008 Visini Como 2009 Museo Mastroianni Marino – 2009 Galleria d'Arte AB ARTE BASTIA - Milano 2009 Santa Lucia Varese


His paintings are exhibited : Chiesa di S. Pio V in Roma"Il Cristo dell'Eremita" cm 150 x 200 e "La Resurrezione" cm 150 x 200 Chiesa di S. Giovanni Leonardi Roma Chiesa SS., Cirillo e Metodio "Ecce Homo" Chiesa S Maria Mater Ecclesiae Roma Chiesa di S Barbara alle Capannelle Chiasa di San Biagio – Corchiano “La Madonna di Corchiano ” Abbazia di Casamari Frosinone Museo del Presepe Vivente Rivisondoli Sindacato Nazionale di Polizia Siulp Comune di Cittaducale Santuario della Madonna dei Bisognosi Carsoli l'Aquila San Biagio "Natività" Corchiano Metropolitan Art Gallery Lecce Brasil Arts - Tampa Florida USA Fondazione Arte Fiera di Istanbul Latino Art Museum - Pomona Los Angeles USA Museum Temecula Art Fondation - Temecula - California USA Scuola Elementare "Marconi" di Corchiano - Pittura Murale dal titolo " Spadagrossa parte per la IV Crociata". Ritratto di Bruno Buozzi - Uil Confederazione In a private audience gave a crucifixion on canvas to Pope John Paul II. His works are on permanent display at , Latino Art Museum - Pomona California USA, and the Art Gallery Le Ali di Mirna - Mesagne Br Italy , - Art Hub Abu Dhabi UAE., Manni Art Gallery Venezia keeps a list of the solo exhibition 2010 Giù la Maschera!! Centro Congressi Medioevo, Olgiate Comasco - Co 2010 Galleria comunale "L' Acchiatura " Grottaglia Tr  2011  Centro Culturale Redstar - Hanghzou - Shanghai Cina 2012 Atahotel Milano 2013 Torre Guelfa- San Gimignano 2013 Art Hub ABU DHABI - UAE    Artist Residence 2014 Palazzo San Valentino Corchiano Vt 2014 Mega Art & Friends - Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Laici - Gubbio  Pg 2015 The Montage Art Gallery – London 2014 Museo Archeologico di Montecchio  Pg 2015 Taverna San Benedetto - Gualdo Tadino Pg 2015 Antica Fornace Grazia - Deruta Pg 2016 Quirinus Intertex Koping   Sweden 2017 Manni Art Gallery Venezia Italy 2017 Espace Art Gallery Brussels- Belgium


La Signora delle bolle Acrylid and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 anno 2016


Le bolle Acrilico/olio su tela cm 50 x 70


Le tentazioni di SantìAntonio Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70


Beautiful Love Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2016


Cercando l’oro Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2016


They wrote on his art : A. Allegretti, L. Anzalone , G. Catenacci, A De Angelis, A Giordano, F. Farachi , M. Horrocks , A. Lippo , D. Micacchi , M. Petti, G. Razzi, A . Roberti , C. Speranza, A. Turi e C. Zonno .   Newspapers and television who have studied his art: Il Tempo, La Repubblica, L'Osservatore Romano, Dimensione Lavoro, Ecomond Press, Il Gazzettino Parlamentare, Marsica Domani, Tuttoteatro , Il Giornale dei Misteri, Portaportese , Il Pantano, Arte Italia Illustrata, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Banditore, Regione Oggi, L'Unità, Calendoscopio , Tele Roma 56, Tele Norba , Flash Art, Art Leader, Corriere di Roma., Rivista Image Arte & Life, Il Corriere di Viterbo, Campo dè Fiori, The Time of Hangzhou, National Museum of China , The magazine of a national character “SI" in the August 2012 talked about the delivery of the Award's Model Art in Stresa - October 2012 HIS ART PROMOTERS: Adelinda Allegretti – Italy Art Hub Abu Dhabi - UAE Art Bank - China Rosanna Cotugno – Italy Art Nation Gallery – Miami USA Neoartgallery – Rome Istanbul Italy  


La bellezza Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 Private collection USA


Don Domenico Anselmi Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2013 Church of Saint Biagio Italy


Il senso delle cose Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2011


La mietitura Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 50 2011


Giugno Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2014


I dialoghi con la Natura Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2014


La corsa Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2014 Euro 2.000 AED 8.200


Catturerò la maschera Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2008


Tutto al suo posto Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2013


Tutto in uno specchio Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2010


La dama del lago Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2016


Il segreto delle cose Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2009


Il campo di grano Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2008


Alla ricerca della maschera giusta Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 30 x 40 2009


Piripicchia ed il segreto della maschera Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2011


Una giornata al mare Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2011


Quello che Pulcinella voleva dalla vita Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2011


I ragionamenti di Grointrult Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 18 x 24 2014


Un mondo Nuovo Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 70 x 100 2011


Il matto Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 18 x 24 2014 Office Art Fair Istanbull


Senza tempo Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2011


Scugnizza Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2011


La signora delle bolle Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2016


La madre Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2016


Lisfazz , l’importante è credere che ciò che appaia sia vero Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 70 x 100 2011


I segreti del mio orto Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 30 x 50 2009


Vanità di vanità Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006


Il grande affabulatore Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 90


Annalisa conosceva la verità Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 90


La venditrice di sogni Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2007


Alla ricerca della pietra dei filosofi Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006


Aspettando l’aurora Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006


La bella Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006


Può una maschera avere confini Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006


Mio figlio Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2000 Pinacoteca di Corchiano Vt


La corsa della vita Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2011 private collection France


Come bolle Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2011 private collection France


Tutto ciò che Annette voleva sapere Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 80 x 80 2011 private collection France


Slobab ed i sogni perduti Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006 Latino Art Museum Pomona Los Angeles USA


La Luna ed io Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006 private collection Germany


Il guerriero Oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2006 private Museum Italy


L’amica del sole Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 50 2011 private collection France


Il grande mago Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 80 x 80 2011 Castello di Lunghezza - Rome


La dama di Corchiano Oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2006 private collection Germany


Ogni artista crea la sua Monna Lisa Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2008 private collection Florence


La Storia Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 2016


San Nicola – la benedizione del bambino Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2016


Ritratto del Papa Giovanni XXIII “Un Cuore grande” Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 70 x 100


Il sorriso di Santa Barbara Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 50 x 70 Holland private collection


Gli angeli di Corchiano Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 60 2014 Sezione Croce Rossa Corchiano


Young man Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2013 Private collection Abu Dhabi UAE


La fidenzata del mio amico Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 40 x 50 2011 Private collection Rome


Quello che non so Oil on canvas cm 60 x 80 2005


I segreti Acrylic and oil on canvas cm 100 x 100 2009


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