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Clary Sage seed oil is a rare STABLE source of Vegan Omega-3. Because of natural antioxidants it remains intact at room temperature for 2 years. In comparison, cold-water fish oil, algae oils, ground flax, hulled hemp seeds oxidize easily, and damage our health.


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Clary Sage salvia sclarea SEED oil My Sage Monster My Sage Monster product contains Clary Sage salvia sclarea SEED oil. It is an extraordinary vegan Omega-3 for many reasons but most notably for its stability. Clary Sage salvia sclarea seed oil is a pleasant tasting superior source of Omega-3 from a plant. Clary Sage seed oil is a rare STABLE source of Vegan Omega-3. Because of natural antioxidants it remains intact at room temperature for 2 years. In comparison cold-water fish oil algae oils ground flax hulled hemp seeds oxidize easily and damage our health. Western diets are typically rich in Omega-6 in comparison with Vegan Omega-3 leading to inflammation and disease. In Clary Sage seed oil the ratio is 3:1 in favor of Omega-3 reducing the imbalance. Clary Sage seed oil contains about 50 Omega-3 as well as 124 other active substances scientifically proven beneficial. It includes a small amount of all four isomers of vitamin E including isomer delta - very rare in nature. Our product is fortified with natural mixed Tocopherol Vit E to make the oil even more stable. Vit E is known for strengthening the immune system helping prevent coronary heart disease and inflammation promoting eye health and being beneficial for our skin. Clary Sage seed oil is among the most concentrated sources of phytosterols molecules that lower blood LDL cholesterol levels. It contains natural Coenzyme Q10 a powerful intra-cellular antioxidant that is essential for the function of the cardiac muscle other muscles the brain and the immune system. Salvia Sclarea seeds contain Sclareol - a very rare and extremely powerful antioxidant.

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Clary Sage seed oil is antiviral antibacterial antifungal and contains numerous antioxidants and powerful ANTI- INFLAMMATORY substances that provide the oil with its rare stability and its wide range of health benefits. It contains Alpha Linolenic Acid ALA the essential plant-derived Omega-3 a precursor to EPA and DHA to which the body easily can convert as needed. ALA is the only type of Omega-3 oil that is supplied in significant quantities to the fetus through the umbilical cord during pregnancy. It is therefore crucial for brain development in the fetus. Clary Sage seed oil does not contain heavy metals such as mercury PCBs and cadmium while fish oil does. Although fish oils may be purified they’re usually not 100 free of heavy metals that accumulate with daily use. Clary Sage is perennial a renewable stable Omega-3 source requiring no pesticides. It is totally natural pure and earth-friendly . . . a true blessing. For a Q A page on clary sage seed oil go to:

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