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Storyland is a walk-through park of Mother Goose stories and nursery rhymes, including favorites like Jack and Jill , Goldilocks & the Three Bears , The Three Little Pigs , Peter Pan , Hansel & Gretel , King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table , Alice in Wonderland , Noah's Ark , Humpty Dumpty , and more!


Playland is a small family amusement park with 13 rides. Enjoy the Willis. B. Kyle Express Train, the Big Rocko ferris wheel or the thrill of the Octopus ride. Playland also has a 3,500 square foot splash park called Splash Junction which is free to the public when the temperature is over 75 degrees.


Objectives Come up with a new method of selecting team members to work at Storyland/ Playland (issue 2). Motivate employees to excel in the workplace (issue 2). Improve image and community perception (issue 3).

Recruiting High School Students:

Recruiting High School Students

Essential Interview Questions :

Essential Interview Questions What do others say about you? Are you committed? Will you do what it takes to complete the task efficiently?


Motivation Current motivation efforts include employees writing positive comments to each other. Dilemma: funding is scarce so how do we motivate employees without using non-cash methods?

Motivation continued..:

Motivation continued.. A ccording to a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey, employees also need: praise from immediate managers, leadership attention like one-on-one conversation, and a chance to lead a project.

Fundraiser Run and Walkathon:

Fundraiser Run and Walkathon Every year organizations around the Valley like the Saint Agnes Men’s Club and the Breast Cancer Society host Run and Walkathons to raise awareness for their causes. Often times, these events are very beneficial monetarily as both organizations are able to raise funds ranging between $100,000 - $200,000.

Run and Walkathon continued..:

Run and Walkathon continued.. As a result, we propose that Storyland/ Playland host similar events throughout the year in attempt to draw people and funds towards the parks . Several major sponsors such as Pepsi, Producer’s Dairy, Wells Fargo, KMPH Fox 26, Clear Channel Radio, United Security Bank, and others have been known to sponsor these events.

School Programs and Promotions:

Good Student Rewards (Brings new customers and keeps existing customers coming back) School Programs and Promotions

Good Student Rewards (how it works):

Good Student Rewards (how it works) By working together with School Districts, elementary school students performing academically can earn free points based on their good grades. These points earned can then be used to redeem free tickets at Storyland/Playland to be used at the park’s attractions. For example a child can earn three tickets or points for every “A” grade they have in their monthly progress grade report. Lets say a maximum of 18 tickets can be redeem in this promotion, allowing a child to ride in half of the attractions at the park for free.

Good Student Rewards (Increases revenues and positive image):

Good Student Rewards (Increases revenues and positive image) Is an excellent way to motivate kids to do good in school Will motivate parents to take their kids to the parks Generates revenue Increases park’s attendance Creates positive image for Storyland/Playland within the community Investing in the community Helping children, parents and school districts with the motivation necessary to achieve better academic results

Teams 38:

Teams 38 Thanks You!

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