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DNP Practice Orientation:

DNP Practice Orientation DNP Program 2017-2018

DNP Handbook Link to DNP Handbook:

DNP Handbook Link to DNP Handbook Guide for Students and faculty Updated periodically Dynamic and reflects current practices

My Organizations:

My Organizations

Learning Outcomes Link to DNP Essentials:

Learning Outcomes Link to DNP Essentials Clinical experiences help to meet the TAMUCC DNP program learning outcomes. AACN “The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice”

Supporting Student Success in Practice:

Supporting Student Success in Practice

Castle Branch Link to Castle Branch:

Castle Branch Link to Castle Branch Nursing License Tetanus- Diptheria Toxoid (Td) MMR (DOB on or after January 1, 1957) Hepatitis A, B TB Screening Varicella CPR Certification Drug Screen CPR Background Check Students must be in compliance with Castle Branch documentation to be in the practice setting. See the DNP Handbook for individualized descriptions and requirements. (pp 8-10)

Professional Liability Insurance:

Professional Liability Insurance Link to Liability Insurance Verification 2017-2018

Contracts :

Contracts   TAMUCC  DOES NOT  require a "Contract".   TAMUCC  requires a Letter of Agreement from the Practice Agency. TAMUCC requires a Preceptor Agreement when a Preceptor is used.  If your Practice Site needs a " Contract " or " Affiliation Agreement ", follow the steps below: Complete the  Contract Initiation Worksheet  and send the form to     Dr. Day will submit the form to the College where the system will be searched for an existing contract.   If there is a contract, Dr. Day will let you know, and facilitate communications between the College and the Agency about contractual matters. If there is not a contract already in place, the University will begin the process of contract negotiations.  If a new contract is required, you should allow 2-3 months for completion. Dr. Day will communicate with the student as updates are received during the contract process. If you have questions call 361-825-2568 and leave a detailed message. 

Preceptor/Facilitator Agreements:

Preceptor/Facilitator Agreements Link to Word Document Preceptor/Facilitator Agreements Submit to your Faculty Liaison Agreements must be approved by Faculty Liaison before beginning practice. See DNP Student Handbook (p. 57) for additional details and instructions.

Agency Letter of Approval:

Agency Letter of Approval Agency Letterhead Access to protected healthcare information Permission to complete project in the setting

Out of State Practice:

Out of State Practice If you plan to move out of state during the DNP program, this may impact your ability to complete the DNP practice requirements. Pease notify your Faculty Liaison should you find yourself in this situation at any time during your program.

Practice Hours:

Practice Hours Students should refer to their Course Syllabus and faculty provided information for specifics about the number of hours to enter into Typhon DNP Handbook (p 16)

Practice Experiences:

Practice Experiences . SYNTHESIS 140 hours Meet the DNP Essentials Contribute to the design of the DNP project * paperwork IMMERSION 360 hours Direct Care experiences Qualified preceptors required * field experiences DNP Handbook Page 15

Log Into Typhon:

Log Into Typhon Register for Typhon Fee Information Obtain Login information from Typhon

Typhon Home Screen:

Typhon Home Screen

Video Tutorials:

Video Tutorials

Typhon Time Log DNP Screen:

Typhon Time Log DNP Screen

Time Log Notes Section:

Time Log Notes Section

MSN Clinical Hours:

MSN Clinical Hours Obtain your MSN Verification of Hours from the MSN Program Upload into Typhon External Documents Enter MSN Clinical Hours into the Typhon Time Log

Time Log Approval:

Time Log Approval Time Logs are open through the end of the semester Faculty Liaison will review Time Logs during the semester If changes are needed – Faculty Liaison will communicate with student No changes can be made after the logs are locked.

Document Upload Video Tutorial:

Document Upload Video Tutorial

Which Document to Upload into Typhon:

Which Document to Upload into Typhon Course Faculty Faculty Liaison Course Syllabus

Document upload (cont’d):

Document upload (cont’d)

DNP Portfolio:

DNP Portfolio Compilation of evidence demonstrating student development and competencies. Accumulated throughout the DNP program. No two portfolios are the same Submitted at the end of the DNP program Course Faculty and DNP Liaison will provide detail on which documents and artifacts to upload into the Typhon Portfolio.

Typhon Portfolio:

Typhon Portfolio Your data and documents uploaded into Typhon will all contribute to your final DNP Portfolio. During your program, follow all instructions provided by your Course Faculty and Faculty Liaison to ensure that your final DNP Portfolio is comprehensive and contains quality information. Additional and Specific Information about Portfolio preparation will be provided later in the program. For now, remember – “Garbage In … Garbage Out”

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