What Is Share Market

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What Is Share Market:

What Is Share Market


A share market, stock market, equity market all of combination of buyers and sellers where buyer buy the product and seller the product in the market place. The Share Market is basically a place from where you can earn huge amount of money with small amount of investment. In simple words a Share market is a place where stocks, bonds, choices and futures, and commodities are deal. For example Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Investing in gold ETFs in our country is much like investing in gold. Working in the office, whether educated or farmer's crop income from bonuses received. Are chosen for investment gold. Gold is always a risk-free investment is considered. Often in families from generation to generation as a gift goes gold and is never sold. But if there is some disaster on the family at the same time, in half work is also gold. The traditional way of buying gold from a modern alternative to the jeweler's gold ETF Gold ETF. Exchange Traded Fund ETF or exchange traded funds.


If you are Newcomer and Beginner as entered in the share market for the purpose of trading. You must know about it and get knowledge from the relevant field of stocking for better investment. Choosing the right broker is critical, as he would be the one deciding about the hard earned money of an investor. A reliable share broker act as a partner for the investor in his journey in the share market trading. He should be trustworthy and capable of getting higher return in the investment. Today is another way to start in the form of online trading.


All the business entrepreneur need funds to meet short term and long term business goals. Where a Business man can sell its stock and an investor buy it. Today a lot of stock exchange recognized in India. There are of the national stock exchanges are BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange), OTCEI (over the counter Exchange of India). Security Market can categorized into the capital Market and money market. In capital market long term investment options are traded.

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