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Contents Introduction Physical Construction Production Process Analytical Draft Shield Electromagnetic Force Compensation Technology Excellent Readability User Friendly Keypad Easy Data Transfer Perfect Self Auto Calibration Quality Control CX, CY, CG Series Built In Applications Citizen Vs. Ohaus

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No matter you are carrying out a simple routine task or a complicated weighing procedure, Citizen Balances will impress you with their excellent performance, delivering accurate results within the shortest possible time, Loaded with various features, it eases your routine lab application.

Citizen Analytical, Precision Balances:

Citizen Analytical, Precision Balances Professional Analytical Balances with Internal /External Cal CX series (0.1mg – 301 gm) Carat Balances external Calibration CT Series (0.001 ct– 1600ct) Precision Balances with Internal/external cal CY Series (0.001 g– 1000g) High Precision Balances External Calibration SSH series (0.1g – 100kg) Moisture Analyzer External Calibration SSH series (0.1 mg – 200g) Precision Balances with Internal/external cal CG Series (0.01 g– 6000g)

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Citizen Balances have a Metal Housing i.e. aluminum die casting body thus protecting the weighing sensors from external influences. This enhances the stability and the accuracy of the balance. The metal body makes the balance Electromagnetic Compatible thus protecting it from Electromagnetic field and avoiding adverse effects on accuracy of the readings Physical Construction of the Balance

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Citizen is uses modern Machineries and tools, which in turn guarantee HIGH quality together with It’s repeatability for mass production and quick in time. Got Most advance Walk in Temperature chamber , accommodates more than 70 balances at a time with wide capability of switching temperature between 0° C to 60° C. This unique facility allows citizen to calibrate High accuracy balance to perform in any ambient condition Production Process Of the Balance

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Larger Draft Shield chamber gives more space to operate, samples can be easily placed within the chamber & it gets accustomed to the internal temperature. It has nearly frameless glass design thus maintaining optimal light condition within the chamber Analytical Draft Shield


Unique & unequalled high end Mono-Tech technology (weigh sensor) to match the highest international standards. Also conventional sensor are easy to repair and very low in maintenance . Guarantees long operation life & extreme ruggedness Electromagnetic Compensation Technology

Excellent Readability:

Excellent Readability High Contrast LED Backlit LCD display is exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions, size of digits is of 15 mm makes it error free reading.

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Makes it simple for users with necessary buttons on it to perform basic functions like entering menu, toggle between units & browse various options, Tare, Calibration and Print records. Two Tare buttons is an added feature especially when draft shields have two doors on both the sides . It makes convenient for user to operate from any preferred side where the door of the draft shield is opened. User Friendly Keypad

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The balance comes with standard RS 232 interface making it easier to connected to a PC and the required data can be printed. The Citizen Balances are configured to communicate directly with MS Office and the data can be obtained in excel format. No external software is required for this purpose thus making data analysis hassle free. USB is an optional feature based on user requirement Easy Data Transfer

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Perfect Self Auto Calibration In this Function the balances are Automatically calibrated using internal weights whenever the changes in temperature occurs thus preventing its effects on the accuracy. Balances can also be configured to perform self-calibration at a specific time interval. It is available only in CX, CY-C & CG-C Series

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13 Professional Analytical Balances with Internal /External Cal CX series (0.1mg – 301 gm) CX SERIES CX Models CX 301 CX 220 CX 214 CX 164 CX 160 CX 120 CX 65 Capacity 301g 220g 210g 160g 160g 120g 65g Readability 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg

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14 Precision Balances with Internal/external cal CY Series (0.001 g– 1000g ) CY SERIES Basic Precision Balance Professional Precision Balance CY Models CY 220 CY 320 CY 420 CY 510 CY 720 CY 1003 CY 220c CY 320c CY 510c CY 1003c Capacity 220g 320g 420g 510g 720g 1000g 220g 320g 510g 1003g Readability 0.001 g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001 g 0.001g 0.001 g 0.001 g 0.001g 0.001g CY Models CY 53 CY 64 CY 104 CY 153 Capacity 50g 65g 120g 150g Readability 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g

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15 Precision Balances with Internal/external cal CG Series (0.01 g– 6000g) CG SERIES Basic Precision Balance Professional Precision Balance CG Models CG 602 CG 1202 CG 2202 CG 3102 CG 4102 CG 6102 CG 2200 c CG 3100c CG 4100c Capacity 600g 1200g 2200g 3100g 4100g 6100g 2200g 3100g 4100g Readability 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g CG Models CG 212 CG 412 CG 512 CG 612 CG 812 CG 1502 CG 2102 CG 2101 CG 4101 CG 8101 Capacity 210g 410g 510g 610 g 810 g 1500g 2100g 2100g 4100 g 8100g Readability 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g

Quality Control:

Quality Control Internal Tolerance of Citizen’s quality control System are three times lower than OIML specifications for internal tolerance

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Citizen Scales Balances have various built-in application program that eases the routine Lab work. These functions have additional features which gives Citizen, a competitive edge over other brands. The Applications are as follows: Piece Counting Statistics Check Weighing GLP Compliance Density Determination Animal Weighing Custom Unit Formulation Percent Weighing Windows Direct Communication Below Balance Weighing

Piece Counting:

Piece Counting FREE(reference Setting) – Allows user to set the reference value other than fixed available reference value. (Reference can be any number between 1 and 999) This provides flexibility in terms of selecting any reference number other than fixed that are 5,10,15,20…100) wRef Settings – Helps user determine the number of pieces without reference if the weight is known.(In this case the known weight can be entered as the reference itself which gives flexibility to the user) Updating Settings – Improves the precision of piece counting results by recalculating the reference with higher no. of samples.(The average piece weight is calculated with each reference optimization) Citizen Balances have exceptional Piece Counting features compared to its competitors’ standard features. This extends the flexibility to the user & helps in precise measurement. The functions are described as below

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GLP Print Out APPLICATION : Piece Counting is useful when there are more no. of objects and difficult to count manually

Percent Weighing:

Percent Weighing Balance allows the user to weigh in to a preset value or determine percentage weight deviation in efficient manner. This function compares load mass to standard mass which value should be given. The result of this operation is displayed in percentages

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The other 2 smart features of percent weighing are as follows: FREE(Reference Setting) - It allows the user to set any reference other than the standard. ( Starting value is 1.00% & maximum value is 99.99%) DIFFERENTIAL WEIGHING –It helps to record the weight with moisture & then user can remove the moisture through external means using equipments like oven & record the final weight after the moisture removal. With this unit, the user can obtain the loss in the unit of moisture in percentage

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GLP Print Out APPLICATION : Used to weigh the difference in the weight of samples after certain processes are performed like filtering, drying, vaporization, coating etc.

Custom Unit:

Custom Unit This feature enables the user to create own customized unit other than standard available unit i.e . user can create desired unit by selecting the conversion factor as required. The accuracy can be decided by adjusting the decimals as follows (0.000001,0.00001,0.0001,0.001,0.01,0.1,1,10,100,1000) & Least significant digit can be decided from the available standard LSD(1,2,5,10,20,50,100) Again ,this feature is uncommon and is not available with balances of other brands thus differentiating Citizen from others

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GLP Printout

Below Balance Weighing:

Below Balance Weighing Below balance weighing function is useful especially to measure the density of an object with the larger size that cannot be placed on the pan or with the required stability. Also it can be used to determine the density of the object.

Animal Weighing:

Animal Weighing Enables user to perform the weighing of unstable samples. Balance calculates the weight as the average of a defined number of individual weighing operations This application consists of 2 modes as follows: Auto Animal Weighing The weighing in this case is initiated automatically once two consecutive weight comes within the defined weight range for an unstable object like animal Manual Animal Weighing The weighing in this case has to be triggered manually once the animal is kept for weighing

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GLP Printout Application : Also known as dynamic weighing. Helps to weigh animals which are not stable on the pan during the weighing process


Formulation This application allows the user to add the individual weighing values & displays no. of additions, total weight & the last resultant weight. Consist of two sub functions as follows: Manual Weighing In this case, balance is used most of the time for simple weighing. User triggers the addition Auto Weighing This proves to be useful when the balance is used in majority for formulation weighing. Addition is triggered automatically once stability is achieved. This reduces the overall time of the weighing process. +

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GLP Printout Application : Can be used in laboratories when there are more then 1 weighing operations carried and the desired result is the sum of all the resultant weights


Totalization This application allows the user to sum the weight of the individual pieces together. This application has two additional functions Manual Totalization: In this function, the individual interference is required after every single object is weighed to obtain & store the total weight Auto Totalization: In this function, the weights of the individual objects are summed and stored automatically after every weighing process of each object

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GLP Printout Application : This is useful when the weights of individual objects more in number are to be summed together which would be difficult manually

Check Weighing:

Check Weighing It helps the user to create the sample corresponding to the required target weight or within specific tolerance weighing range & check whether the sample corresponds to a preset target or is with a specific tolerance range Application : Normally found at the off going end of a production/QC process where weight of the sample is critical. Also useful in case of Pharmaceutical industry where weight is the critical parameter under consideration. Lower and higher limit is set before weighing the sample. The instrument display LL( low limit) or HH(higher than limit) & the buzzer will beep continuously if weight is out of the tolerance band

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For Low Limit For High Limit Target Setting GLP Printout

Density Determination:

Density Determination Density determination is required day in day out in laboratory application. Mathematical formulae & lengthy procedure makes it tedious to determine density. Balance has the built in application that avoids such lengthy procedures. Thus it makes easier for the user to calculate density or specific gravity in daily application. It requires optional density kit for solid or liquid samples.

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It has various modes for solid, liquid and type and temperature settings. Liquid Setting Mode Setting Temperature Settings

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GLP Printout – Different Modes and the liquid are displayed in the below output example


Statistics The user can obtain the statistics of the data stored in the scale. These statistics include details such as number of readings, minimum value, maximum value, standard deviation, difference and Coefficient of variance. This data can be communicated to the PC for further analysis.

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GLP Printout Application: This feature helps user to identify and calculate below parameters thus making it easing the analytical part to a considerable extend.

Windows Direct Communication:

Windows Direct Communication Enables the user to send the data from balance to any windows application . Example: MS Word, MS Excel. No software installation is required for this feature. The feature also constitutes other settings that can be set as per requirement

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1) Unit Setting If the unit is Set to off mode, only the readings will be transferred to windows without their respective units. This proves useful when the data is to be used for analysis purpose(In such case only the readings are required and eliminating the units becomes tedious). The readings are obtained with units if the Unit Setting is set to on mode. 2) Separator Settings If this mode is kept on, the data will be printed in windows in different lines and in case of MS Excel, in different columns. The separator can be Tab or Enter, as required by the user thus extending the flexibility and easing the further activities

GLP/ISO Compliant Printout:

GLP/ISO Compliant Printout GLP : Good Laboratory Practice. GLP makes sure that the data submitted are a true reflection of the results that are obtained during the study. GLP also makes sure that data is traceable. Promotes international acceptance of tests. This is a process necessary for any laboratory. Citizen balance has added feature for alphanumeric IDNR number & Lot id which helps to number & identify individual prints.

GLP Compliant Printout For Calibration:

GLP Compliant Printout For Calibration


Units Citizen Analytical Balances allows the user to weigh in 14 different units. These includes mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, , ozt, Hong Kong Taels , Singapore Taels , Taiwan Taels . This extends flexibility to the user to weigh in the desired unit. In laboratories, various weighing activities are performed where different units are used for different weighing operations. Analytical balances easies these weighing operations by providing option to weigh in different desired unit.



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MODEL OHAUS (PIONEER) CITIZEN ( CY SERIES) DISPLAY Contrast LCD display (no backlight) Contrast LCD display with white color LED backlight GLP COMPLIANCE Not there Built in clock make this possible to generate GLP compliance print out required in daily application in LAB BAR GRAPH Not there Capacity bar graph show how much of the weighing range is still available. Battery operation ID/LID Not there Editable alpha numeric ID and LID entering facility makes all data printout accountable WEIGHING BELOW BALANCE Included Included WEIGHING PAN SIZE 4.7 " x 12 cm (ROUND PAN) 5.03 x 5.03 inch / 12.8 x 12.8 cm (SQUARE PAN) WEIGHING PAN MATERIAL Stainless steel Stainless steel

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CONTINUED INTERFACE Standard RS232C and USB Standard RS-232C or optional USB WINDOW DIRECT not available It can directly communicate to MS Excel or and windows application without any software WEIGHING UNITS mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tical , tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, Newton, ozt, teals mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tical , tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, ozt, teals APPLICATION MODES Parts Counting, Percent Weighing Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Differential weighing, Totalization, Formulation, Check weighing, Custom unit, Animal weighing, Density determination, Statistics

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MODEL OHAUS (ADVENT PRO) CITIZEN (CG SERIES) DISPLAY 2-line alphanumeric LCD display with Backlight 2-line Bright backlight display, VFD display balance can be ordered GLP COMPLIANCE GLP Compliant GLP Compliant WEIGHING BELOW BALANCE Present Present WEIGHING PAN SIZE 168 x 180 198 x 205/7.8” x 8.0” WEIGHING PAN MATERIAL Stainless Teel Pan Stainless Steel Pan INTERFACE RS232 interface allows communication with PC or printer RS232 interface allows communication with PC or printer WINDOW DIRECT Not Available It can directly communicate to MS Excel or and windows application without any software

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CONTINUED FUNCTIONS Parts counting, Percent weighing, Totalization, Check weighing, Animal weighing, Density determination Parts counting, Percent weighing, Differential weighing , Totalization, Formulation , Check weighing, Custom unit , Animal weighing, Density determination, Statistics WEIGHING UNITS g, kg, mg, ct, N, lb, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, mo, m, Hong Kong , Singapore , Taiwan Taels,cL, PCS mg, g, ct, oz, dwt, tola, mommes, baht, grain, mesghal, , ozt, Hong Kong Taels , Singapore Taels , Taiwan Taels,cL, PCS IDNR Facility Not Present Present (Facility to put IDNR number for individual readings)

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Thank You !!

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Citizen Scale (I) Pvt. Ltd Citizen House, E2 WICEL industrial estate, MIDC, Opp. Seepz , Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 093 INDIA Tel: +91 22 42437777 Fax: +91 22 42437800 Email : Website: CONTACT

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