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Ramble on: The Power and Influence of Led Zeppelin’s Music : 

Ramble on: The Power and Influence of Led Zeppelin’s Music

How it All Began : 

How it All Began -Formed in 1968. Led Zeppelin is from Birmingham London England also home to Ozzy Osbourne They formed a super group out of the remnants of the band the Yard Birds under the name the New Yard birds but when Jimmy Page asked Keith Moon to be the drummer he told Page he was happy in the Who and suggested they would go down like a lead balloon and Jimmy Page liked the idea so much that he took the a out and called the band Led Zeppelin so Americans would not get the pronunciation wrong.

Band Members : 

Band Members Band Members Robert Plant (vocals) John Paul Jones (bass guitar + keyboard) Jimmy Page (guitar) John Bonham (drums)

Led Zeppelin’s most Acclaimed Albums : 

Led Zeppelin’s most Acclaimed Albums Top Selling Led Zeppelin Albums Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin III Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin’s Accomplishments : 

Led Zeppelin’s Accomplishments Led Zeppelin broke the record for the largest concert attendance for a single artist (Tampa 1973). - First artist to release (and achieve multi-platinum status) for an album with no text on the packaging, for their fourth album.When Coda was released in 1982, all 9 other albums were in the Billboard top 100 again, the most for a single artist ever. ~Led Zeppelin’s~ ~Accomplishments~

More Accomplishments : 

More Accomplishments Evidence that Led Zeppelin is as popular today as they were over 30 yrs. ago -Hot Topic has 700 stores that cater to teens and young adults and it reports that Led Zeppelin’s swan song shirt is the most popular item. -Since 1990, they have sold well over twenty million albums, and their untitled fourth album is constantly on the top ten best-selling albums list. -Research by the firm NPD shows that thirty-eight percent of Zeppelin's music and merchandise sales were to people under the age of twenty-five

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BANDS THAT WERE INFLUENCED BY LED ZEPPELIN Aerosmith Pearl Jam Buck Cherry Foo Fighters Green Day Van Halen Creed Super tramp and the list goes on and on…

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My Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs Black Dog Immigrant Song Fool in the Rain All of my Love Dyer Maker Rock and Roll Whole Lotta Love Dancing Days & Kashmir

Robert Plant’s vocals are killer on this song!! : 

Robert Plant’s vocals are killer on this song!! Robert Plant’s vocals are awesome on this song and his vocal style influenced many artists. Black Dog performed live in 1973.

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~The End ~ Rock and Roll!!!!!!

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