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This Is Me.:

This Is Me. By: Cierra Elise 11 th grade.

Things I want people to know about me.:

Things I want people to know about me. I have three brothers and one sister. I love to sing and dance. I love to play volleyball. I have scholarships to colleges to sing. I have a really big heart, I literally care for everyone. I have one friend named Christin Green.

Clubs/ Groups/ Job.:

Clubs/ Groups/ Job. Since we’re going to have a debate team I want to be apart of that because I like to argue a lot. I work at Waffle House, I’ve been working there for I think five or six months. I play volley and run track.

My Future Plans.:

My Future Plans. After I graduate High School I’m going to have to my Cosmetology license. W hen I go to college I want to have a chair in someone’s salon or transfer to another Waffle House. After college I to teach at a Elementary school for Choir.

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