The glorious revolution

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The Glorious Revolution : 

18/11/2010 The Glorious Revolution Created by Arianna De Simone, Andrea Di Lena, Giulia Di Vattimo, Valeria Falcioni .

Introductions : 

18/11/2010 Introductions Civil war between monarchy and Parliament, led by Oliver Cromwell; Charles I Stuart was executed by Parliament in 1649; Restoration of monarchy led by George Monk, because of Cromwell’s dictatorship; Charles II ascended the throne in 1660; After Charles’ death, his brother James II, who was catholic, succeed to the throne in 1685;

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18/11/2010 Oliver Cromwell with Charles I’ head . James II George Monk Charles II P O R T R A I T S

Causes and events : 

18/11/2010 Causes and events -James II favoured Catholics against Protestants and was suspected of despotism by Parliament; -He was removed and forced to go to France into exile; -His catholic daughter, Mary II Stuart, married William III of Orange, prince of Holland, who landed at England in 1688.

William III : 

18/11/2010 William III Before he was crowned, he signed the Declaration of rights in 1689 -- This event marked the end of absolute monarchy because it denied the King the possibility to reject a law, to levy taxes, to have an army during peace. It gave Parliament: -freedom of speech -immunity to its representatives -free pools

The new sovereign was the Parliament : 

18/11/2010 The new sovereign was the Parliament But the King could practice a personal politics, because he could freely appoint ministers. So, constitutional monarchy was born Monarchy, which accepted Parliament collaboration and respected citizens’ rights, established by constitution.

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18/11/2010 The End

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