colonialism and pilgrim fathers

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colonialism : 


What is colonialism? : 

What is colonialism? Colonialism is defined as the extension of the sovereignty of a nation and peoples in territories outside its borders to facilitate trade and economic domain. The term is also used to legitimize this system, which provided for the superiority of the values and rights of the conquistadors.

Why? : 

Why? Economic interests: desire for profit to invest excess capital Politic motivations: because the statement was winning international prestige Cultural reasons: they had to subdue the other peoples

English power : 

English power British colonialism first half of 600 (born). Sign up now and new colonies The natives are forced to work together to ensure even the British low-cost raw materials and thus obtain higher profits Slave trade begins

Exportation of resources : 

Exportation of resources Agricultural Mining Energy Human

Destinations of colonisation : 

Destinations of colonisation North America where there is a genocide and destruction of basic vital resources South-Central America: the destruction of ancient civilizations as a result of the conquistadores who win the American Indians because of weapons of war and disease imported from Europe Africa: human resources exported to work in mines or plantations Asia: new cities born, included in world trade

Consequences : 

Consequences Decline of the American population becouse of the physical elimination of the Amerindians and mortality caused by diseases Transfer of african slaves in America to force them to forced labor This process is the cause of underdevelopment in the countries of the South

The Pilgrim Fathers : 

The Pilgrim Fathers

Who are philigrim fathers? : 

Who are philigrim fathers? The Pilgrim Fathers are considered by many as the early settlers of the New World, they settled in New England and established their colony on the coast of Massachusetts, which was officially established on 1 June 1621. Before that in fact there had been expeditions and settlements of any governmental and military, but it was with the Pilgrim Fathers who began the massive influx of immigrants and it continued in later centuries

The Born : 

The Born In England, in 1500, the anglican church lived an hard period that brought to the born of the new calvinist church and some other new minor churches named congregation or reformed churches. John Robinson, anglican priest, suspended by the Norwich’s bishop, got in touch with a group of religious dissidents, including John Smyth, William Brewster and William Bradford. When they become numerous, the settled in a territory in the valley of river Trent. The congregation divides in two parts: Smyth stayed near Gainsborough, while Brewster , Robinson and Bradford settled near Scrooby. Despite this, the archbishop of York and the bishop of Lincoln continued to persecute them. For these reason, the two groups decided to move to Holland: Smyth went to Amsterdam and Robinson to Leida John Smyth William Bradford


PREPARING FOR THE JOURNEY The Robinson’s group kept suffering for the distance to the motherland and then they made the decision to emigrate to the new american colonies, giving birth to the New England. The Pilgrim Fathers , after a long trading , thanks to the friendship between Brewster and Sir Edwin Sandys, obtain the license to occupy the northern part of noth America, along the Hudson’s valley. They invested all their resources and, after signing a financial contract, they rent a galleon named Mayflower and then they sailed to America. The group was composed by 102 passengers and it wasn’t homogeneous: there wasn’t only the congregation’s members but also there was many families wich had hoped to get better their economical condition.

The Journey and the landing : 

The Journey and the landing With the intention to reach Virginia, philigrin phaders landed in a region in the north called Cape Cod, due to a storm that changed the route of Mayflower. Here,after having explored the atlantic coast, they settled in the today’s Massachussetts. It was officially recognised as a colony in june 1621, and is widely regarded by historians as the first core of the modern United States of America

The life in the colony : 

The life in the colony Faithful and persuaded to represent, according to the calvinist ethic, the elected people, the settlers worked hardly, cultivating the land, rising corn and commercing intensely with the motherland. When they arrived they formed the Mayflower Compact, a sort of constitution in wich they proclaimed the principal statements of their government. The colony would be governed by leaders elected by the whole community. This group of leaders was called Consistory.

The Thanksgiving Day : 

The Thanksgiving Day This is a national festivity proclaimed in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln for remeber the most important date in the story of the country.

Puritan’s Precepts : 

Puritan’s Precepts Combination of political and religeous life. emphasis on private study of the Bible. the desire for education and enlightenment for the masses. the universal priesthood. The perception of the pope as the Antichrist. Simplicity in worship, the exclusion of vestments, pictures, candles and other objects. alcuni approvavano la gerarchia ecclesiastica, ma altri cercarono di riformare la chiesa episcopale sul modello presbiteriano. Alcuni separatisti puritani erano presbiteriani, ma la maggior parte era del congregazionalismo.

Puritans in literature : 

Puritans in literature The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850

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