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I'm an English yeacher in Portugal and i came into your ppt when searching the net. It's nice and it gives students a concise idea of your system. May I download it? If so,how can I do it?

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The american school system...  : 

The american school system...   In the American school system there are four “types” of school: Nursery school Junior high school Secondary school The university

A Chart of the American education system: 

A Chart of the American education system


Nursery Other common names for nursery school are pre-school and playgroup. Pre-school is defined as: "center-based programs for four-year olds that are fully or partially funded by state education agencies. Pre-schools, both private and school sponsored, are available for children aged from three to five. The school day usually begins at about 9.00am and finishes at about 3.00pm with breaks at mid-morning, lunchtime and mid-afternoon.

Junior High (Middle) : 

Junior High (Middle) lasting five years, guarantees the student basic learning in mathematics, history, music, geography and art lead to a development of basic writing skills and reading. Subject-based teaching, changing of teachers and subjects each class hour. Individualized curriculum begins with choice of different options for required subjects by ability level, and varying options for non-specific course requirements. Extracurricular activity widens, inter-school activities begin. There are between twenty and thirty students.

Secondary school : 

Secondary school The knowledge is expanded and deepened with the introduction of science, civic education and foreign languages. The preparation and attitudes of the students are frequently checked through appropriate tests. Many facilities are offered to students under the athletic profile. Students are usually grouped in classes but go to different teachers for each subject they are studying. They move between a number of classrooms. The secondary school day is usually about half an hour longer than primary school.

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Subjects in secondary school: 

Subjects in secondary school English Maths Art Spanish History Literature Geography Music Biology Chemist French P.S.E (personal and social education) P.E. (physical education) R.E.(religious education) Pshyics

University : 

University Universities are almost exclusively private A few exceptions: University of Berkeley and Los Angeles in California They ensure efficient teaching and extracurricular activities to students A tipycal American university 


Harvard is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. is a member ofthe Ivy League. was founded on September 8, 1636. is located on the Charles river. The school color is crimson, a dark red color. has many libraries like Widener Library. the students in the university are 6.650. is the most important university in America.


Yale Yale University comprises three major academic components Yale College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Professional school Approximately 11,250 students The Yale Corporation is the senior policy-making body for Yale University.


Princeton Is located in Princeton, New Jersey Is one of the largest universities in the Ivy League Is considered as one of the most prestigious institutions in the world is the fourth oldest higher education institution in the United States was founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746 was originally located in Elizabeth (New Jersey) moved to Princeton in 1756, still with its original name The name was officially changed to "Princeton University in 1896

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