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Advanced Chute System is the best equipment for mulching leaves and grass. It reduces raking, blowing, re-mowing and fits virtually all zero-turn mowers. In addition, this is easy to install and use. It takes a complete control of your mower discharge and protects people and property from flying debris. If you want to know more about commercial leaf mulch, call us at 870-698-1835.


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Advanced Chute System:

Advanced Chute System A Smart Investment for Your Self Mulching Lawn Mower

About Us:

About Us With the introduction of our very first zero-turn mower at the Louisville Lawn & Garden Show in 1998, Bad Boy Mowers established its reputation for bringing innovation to the commercial zero-turn mower market. Our Advanced Chute System accessory became so popular that other mower owners began requesting this heavy-duty variable control chute accessory for their brand of zero-turn commercial mowers. We now make an Advanced Chute System for virtually every brand of commercial mower available. Advanced Chute System provides you best leaf mulching lawn mower for mulching leaves and grass.

Advanced Chute System with Models & Compatibility:

Advanced Chute System with Models & Compatibility Turn your mower into a mulch machine quickly and easily with the Advanced Chute System. Advanced Chute System is compatible with the newest models and makes of virtually every brand so you can bring the power of instant mower mulching to your lawn mower.


Advanced Chute System provides you the lawn mower grass chute that saves time & money, increases safety, installs in minutes, durable design & easy to install. It is a perfect accessory for mowers that are commonly used for high-density areas where flying debris can damage the windows, vehicles, and even people.

Tips To Maintain Your Commercial Mulching Mower:

Tips To Maintain Your Commercial Mulching Mower Clean and repair the air filter – The air filters are important equipment that ensures proper working of your lawn mowers. The dirt will be accumulated at the top of the filter. But, too much dirt can block the air from traveling. So, it is important for you to check, clean and replace (if needed) regularly. Choose the right RPM for the engine – RPM, also known as the Revolutions per Minute basically measures the total number of in a minute around a fixed axis. So, it is very important for you to run the engine on the right RPM. And, for this you can check the user’s manual for the basic instructions.


Maintain an ideal tire pressure – Make sure to check the tire pressure before using the lawn mower . Low tire pressure can result in an unbalanced cut.

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