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Nature Works Solutions pvt. ltd. Vorsprung Durch Natur (advantage through nature) Address: IIT Innovation Incubator, IIT Delhi Presenters name: Kaushik E-mail: Sector: Cleantech/Alternate Energy/public health Contacts : 9968909080

Nature Works Solutions : 

Nature Works Solutions The first enterprise that provides Integrated MSW management ,public health and alternative energy solutions Vision : To improve the public health and environment of our community and make it best for the generations to come . Core Values : holistic approach, customer satisfaction, and integrity Target customers: Residential apartments , institutions , malls , hotels , airports, municipalities Differentiating factor :innovative (patent pending)product(s) community empowering products market specific solutions Operations : since 28-05-09


IIT Mentor (s): C.R.D.T (centre for rural dev. And tech.) International Team Dr. Ananya Roy (Phd) (Harvard) (auxiliary consultant ) Dr. Manas (Phd) (Harvard) (auxiliary consultant) Indian Team Mr.Bharat Batra (MBA) (AMITY) (Market research) Mr. B.Singh ( MSW mgmt & operations) Mr. Rajat Kaushik (PGDBI) Jamia Hamdard (Business & Tech. Manger ) CORE TEAM

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Nature Works Facility MSW \ biomass\Agri waste brought in Inorganic Waste Organic Waste Biogas Storage Rural Electricity CNG Recyclables Fertilizer Biomass pellets\gas Carbon Credits Agri waste Low cost houses Ropes and trendy bags made from polyethene-bags Value Proposition Rural lifeline fuel

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Challenges addressed : “FEET” .

Customers : 

Customers Projects in Hand: The firm is managing the waste of around 5000 households (growing) , Amity University, U.P. and is in advance stage of talks with over ten major housing groups , six Malls , Hotels in Delhi NCR for MSW management Potential Clients Purvanchal Construction ltd Omaxe Construction ltd Mahagun Group GMR Constructions Supertech Constructions ATS group Wave group Radisson hotels

Strategy Analysis : 

Strategy Analysis Marketing Strategy : Targeting both business to business and business to customer Tie ups with R.W.As ( residents welfare associations) Use the current awareness of the citizens towards climate change and use it to build new customer base . Tie-ups with educational institutes, schools, corporate ,M.N.Cs , high end luxury apartments and residential complexes . Socio-business Policy : To tie-up with an NGOs that works towards helping business develop a carbon neutral footprint and by developing products out of waste. Example: paper bags from newspapers. Ropes out of plastic bags, fashionable bags out of polyethene bags Future Outlook: RDF( Refuse Derived Fuel ) Ultra low cost housing using Agri waste and Plastic waste Green PET(plastic) Bottles Green Tiles producing Electricity

Funding : 

Funding The firm has bagged incubation at IIT Delhi , and its plan awaits funding under MSME scheme for developing ultra low cost house for the rural and urban poor using city and agri waste The firm is currently financed with family funding The firm is also looking for capital from venture capitalists\ angel investors The funds will be used to build base and target high growth areas The business model is such, that once it starts , it self sustains after reaching a tipping point

Financial Projections: Income Statement : 

Financial Projections: Income Statement

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Any Questions for NatureWorks Thank you!!!

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