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WATER CRISIS Kenya By: Maya, Jack, Ethan and Ben

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Located in East Africa Borders Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Lake Victoria, and the Indian Ocean There are low plains in the East of Kenya, and highlands in Central Kenya There is the Great Rift Valley that divides the low plains from the Central Highlands Source: Physical Location/Geography

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There is a major draught that is disrupting the economy and the water shortages There is a lot of deforestation and pollution of untreated sewage that contaminates their very little water There is also a huge under-investment of water Finally, all the water is being poorly distributed Source: Currently in Kenya...

Important Statistical Information:

Important Statistical Information Population: 36,913,721 Median age: 18.6 years old Percent of adults who can read: 85.1% Percent of people below the poverty line: 50% Infant deaths: 57.44 per 1,000 births Access to good sanitation: 43% Access to a good water source: 61% Source: Clip Art from Microsoft PowerPoint

Problems Specific to the Country:

Problems Specific to the Country These draughts and water shortages are expected to continue Its fresh water supply is limited of only 647 cubic meters per person Women and girls take the “job” of carrying water for their families. Sources:

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Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria, Yellow Fever, River Blindness, Sleeping Sickness, Scabies, and Diarrhea are all very serious illnesses. In all of Kenya, the leading cause of death in children is diarrhea. Source: Water diseases

Important Facts about Kenya:

Important Facts about Kenya Capital: Nairobi This country was named after Mount Kenya Giant crocodile fossils were found in Kenya too Kenya is one of the most diverse country of religion and language in Africa Source:


Recommendations More households start boil their water to get the contaminates boiled out More investment in the water (irrigation) Maybe they should put Lake Victoria into different sections. For example, a bathing section, a drinking section and cleaning section Source: Clip Art from Microsoft PowerPoint

Ways to help Kenya:

Ways to help Kenya You can help Kenya by going to the following websites…

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