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Introduction to US History


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An Introduction to US History: Grades 9-12:

An Introduction to US History: Grades 9-12 Presented by Mr. Hunter


Overview Introduction to your Teacher First Semester Topics Second Semester Topics Final Exams End of Course Exam End of the Year Project Study Materials

Introducing Mr. Hunter!:

Introducing Mr. Hunter! Teaching for 4 years Plays piano Sings (don’t ask!) CHLOE!! I’m here for YOU! From the Hunter Files ©

First Semester Topics:

First Semester Topics US Civil War Reconstruction Industrial Revolution US Expansion (includes Spanish-American War) WWI 1920s (The ROARING Twenties)/Great Depression) The Battle at Gettysburg © 2015, A&E Television Networks, LLC.

Second Semester:

Second Semester WWII The Cold/Korean/Vietnam Wars The Great Society The Civil Rights Movement The 1970’s-The 1980’s The Modern Era Photo courtesy of © CNN

Final Exams:

Final Exams Formative Assessments Final Exams Study Group Days Additional Study Tips How my test scores affect my grade… Photo courtesy of © 2015 CollectiveLifestyle.com .

EOC (End of Course Exam):

EOC ( E nd o f C ourse Exam) Do I take it? Where at? What’s on it? Do I have to pass it? I took it already, now what? All rights reserved to Florida Dept. of Education 2015 ©

End of the Year Project:

End of the Year Project Two options Research Paper Oral Presentation IT’S REQUIRED! Bonus points to your grade!

Study Materials:

Study Materials Class Overview Website, click here . History.com Me!! (see last slide)


Contact 407-430-5094 chunter25@rhartshorne.com Availability for one on one meetings Before school 7 th Period By appointment via phone conference From the Hunter Files ©

Thanks for coming!!!!!!:

Thanks for coming!!!!!! Ba-Bye

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