How to make a 3D-Christmas-Card

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This presentation is made as part of the eTwinning project "Christmas is coming" . The presentation is a filling of an advents-calendar door.


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Greeting card with :

Greeting card with 3 D Christmas tree

PowerPoint Presentation:

First of all For Christmas or New Year , write a little card that you have done yourself is always magical . What you need : A printer to print the templates on the card . 2 sheets of paper "Canson" a little thick white. Glue. A pair of scissors . And then let’s go!

Step 1: :

Step 1: Begins with two templates to print on two sheets of drawing paper .

Step 2: :

Step 2: Fold the sheet or the Christmas tree is printed here or there the dotted line. Then cut the edges with your scissors by following the black lines .

Step 3::

Step 3: Carefully cut the black lines that represent the branches of the tree . Look carefully at the picture to see the places that you should cut , not cut or especially not you see the dotted lines , cutting only the black lines .

Step 4::

Step 4: Slightly bends the branches of the tree along the dotted line.

Step 5::

Step 5: Now gently open the card and give it the shape you see in the photo by bending the branches in the right direction.

Step 6::

Step 6: Now takes the 2nd printed sheet and cutting edges along the black lines around it . Then fold the sheet along the dotted line 2.

Step 7::

Step 7: Finally glue the sheet with the tree on the second sheet you just cut through a bit of glue on the four edges . Be careful not to put glue on the branches or you could not bend your card !

Last step::

Last step : Well , your card is over, you can write a little note on it , and even decorating or coloring ! Enjoy yourselwes !!!!

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