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The first star, beautifully decorated christmas tree and the wafer are the most important Polish traditions. It’s good to learn their meaning and traditions connected with them. Christmas traditions in Poland

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Before the holiday we are doing general and meticulous cleaning to greet Baby Jesus with dignity and honour. Children also take part in this by helping parents with food, shopping and making decorations. Preparations

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Traditional mass celebrated on midnight 24th December. It symbolises shepherds waiting by Jesus’s craddle.We take part in this mass with our relatives. It’s the most important moment during Christmas Holidays. Midnight Mass

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We put it under the white tablecloth in the middle of the table were we will be eating our Christmas Eve supper. It reminds the fact that Jesus was born in the barn and was put on the hay. The hay

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It is an integral part of Christmas season. It is usually decorated by children at Christmas Eve. After the supper children look for presents under the tree. Long before Christmas children make decorations like paper chains, angels, stars and many other things that are put on the tree later on. You will find beautifully decorated Christmas Tree in every polish home. Christmas Tree

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Polish cribs were originated in Italy and were brought to Poland with Franciscans order.The crib is filled with members of the Holy Family, animals, shepherds, angels, and kings. The cribs come in different sizes and are made of different materials like wood, paper, or plastic. Very often the figures are moving. Cribs

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Carols The most traditional polish carol is „Bóg się rodzi” (God is born) but the most popular carol in the world is „Cicha Noc” also known as „Silent Night”.

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Christmas wafer is a symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s a sign of love and friendship. Sharing the wafer at the beginning of the supper expresses the wish of beeing together in peace and harmony. Christmas Wafer

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Christmas Eve dishes The symbols of Christmas Eve supper are traditional dishes like fried fish,beetroot soup, sauer kraut with mushrooms, noodles with poppy seed, dried fruit compote. Usually people prepare 12 different dishes, and there always have to be an extra set of plates and cutlery for an unexpected guest.

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According to the tradition the Christmas Eve supper begins when the first star appears in the sky.The supper is started with the prayer and reading of the Holy Bible. Then it’s the time for sharing the wafer and making Christmas wishes The first star

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Eliasz Hułas Adrian Dydyński Kamil Wróbel VI grade students of Maria-Curie Skłodowska Primary School in Tarnogród, Poland Presentation was made by Music: Silent Night - Kevin MacLeod (

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