Urban Spirituality Presentation 12/6/2013

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Thai Spirituality:

Christine Waldersen Thai Spirituality

Thailand VS AMERICA:

Thailand VS AMERICA THAI SPIRTUALITY AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY 96% BUDDHIST NATION 40,717 Temples Based on Christian ideals Over 300,000 Christian churches To be Thai is to be Buddhist Freedom of religion Family and social consequences if you change religions More freedom but some consequences can occur. Celebrations are based on Buddhist Holy Days Most celebrations are based on Christian tradition Buddhist art and entertainment Christian art and entertainment



Buddhism Affects on people:

Buddhism Affects on people Driven by the idea of making merit. Daily routines of appeasing spirits. Going into debt buying protective amulets. Poor having poor self worth because of their karma. Use of time is not important because of Reincarnation. Open to any religious experience that will bring them luck. Negative affects on other religious groups Christians, Muslims.

How Buddhists see Jesus:

How Buddhists see Jesus

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