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Christine Gordon is a lawyer specializing in family law. She has successfully represented her clients in what is often challenging divorce and child custody battles. She has represented New Hampshire residents for over 20 years. She has received accolades from her clients as a result of her efforts on their behalf.


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Christine Gordon Excellent Lawyer Christine Gordon has been praised as an excellent lawyer by many of her clients over the years.

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Christine Gordon A Lawyer Active in the Community Christine Gordon Lawyer believes that as a successful lawyer specializing in family law, she owes it to her community to volunteer and help out those in need. Gordon has volunteered for many organizations in her area:Easter Seals New Hampshire Planning Committee and the Easter Seals New Hampshire Vice Chairman. Gordon continues to be actively involved in her community.

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Christine Gordon : A Lawyer Responding to her Clients’ Needs Christine Gordon has exceptional listening skills, which she uses well in her work as a family lawyer for New Hampshire’s community. She has repeatedly demonstrated the unique ability to listen and respond quickly to her clients’ needs. She knows that her clients come to her during some of the most difficult parts of their lives-divorce, child custody battles, etc .

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Christine Gordon Lawyer with 21 Years of Experience Christine Gordon has over 21 years of experience as a lawyer dealing with family law. In matters concerning domestic issues, it’s important that clients know they are being heard, and their needs are being met. These are often complex cases fraught with emotion. Gordon takes her clients’ concerns seriously and always fights for the best result in every case.

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