What makes a good project manager

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What makes a good project manager? :

What makes a good project manager?

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We have had some good responses... Thank you to everyone that has participated so far!

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Let me share with you what some people have said...

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“A good PM to me is someone who knows the fundamentals of Project Management, can practice and implement them on a daily basis. A great communicator who can engage and manage Stakeholders as required”. “In my experience - Good communication has been the key to my success”. “Communication is absolutely everything in my book. All the best leaders are good communicators. Technical excellence does not automatically mean that you are a good manager or leader, but excellent communication skills do usually result in a leadership role”. Followed with… “communication is the key to success. People skills and communication skills goes hand and hand”.

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“I think a good project manager can be measured by the following strengths”: 1.People skills, can the project manager communicate effectively across the whole resource spectrum . 2.Commercial skills, does the project manager know how to identify early warning messages that the commercial forecast is correct, does the invoice reflect the progress of the work and is able to manage the expectations of suppliers regarding payments. 3. Technical skills, does the project manager have the experience to understand the project being managed, its pitfalls and easy wins . 4.Personal awareness, does the project manager accept their own limitations and encourage information sharing with peers and technical experts to avoid importing risk.

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“Please feel free to get involved as we will soon be collaborating your results for final analysis”. “Global Project Leaders value your participation and welcome you to join in at any time on current conversations as well as offer new ones”. These are just a few examples...

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