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Want to know which lure to choose according to the climate? Just read this to get the answer!


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Do You know which lure to choose according to the climate in the fishing The spinning fisherman always has to be at the expense of the whim of the fish and of course of the weather to choose on many occasions what lure has to tie at the end of the line. Here is a lot of experience so I always say that we have to learn from every outing every fish and every situation since they are data that we must record in our fisherman’s mind and that in the long run we will benefit a lot. The climate in fishing Climate a natural phenomenon that changes the habits of people and the way of life of other living beings on the planet makes us alert as fishermen. Fish are living beings that change their way of life in function of the climate and sometimes of the exaggerated way. But not all predators act in the same way and more if we differentiate between fresh and marine waters. Caprices of nature … The patterns of behavior provoked by the climate and the ways of acting on our part to be named below are the most common but neither must be followed as a norm that can not be broken. In fishing there are no fixed rules.

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The climate in the fishing in fresh water Rivers and trouts: Salmonids lovers of cooler waters the cold temperatures that cool the waters do not pose too many problems. It is precisely during the late autumn and winter when the waters are quite low in temperature when they go about with reproduction. But in lakes and reservoirs they often seek the depth where the temperature is as low as in the most superficial layers. So we must try to fish with lures that go deep enough in the case of heavier spoons than usual being a great option the undulating and sunken minnows. When the vane trachea is opened the fish usually are located in the most reman sadass zones of the river since they are scarce of forces after the reproductive period and the waters usually lower somewhat more turbid than usual due to thaws and storms reason why A rotating spoon in silver color will be the best option. The dreaded rains No matter the species that inhabits a river: the barbell trout pike and even catfish. All of them are affected by rains that muddy the waters and cause the flow of water to grow exaggeratedly. They are difficult times for fishing but not impossible. All you need to do is look for the most protected areas of the stream such as the largest pools and planks as well as dead pylons and dead pylons and insist on lures of raucous colorations and rattles so that predators can be more easily located. The vinyl also causes a lot of vibrations and are excellent for pikes catfish and walleye while the spoons and minnows will be effective with those great trouts protected from the current.

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