Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa

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Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa peace conference : 

Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa peace conference http://www.cnn.com

The Lowdown : 

The Lowdown South Africa has refused the Dalai Lama a visa to attend an international peace conference in Johannesburg this week, because South Africa thinks it would be in his best interest not to attend.

My Opinion : 

My Opinion In my personal opinion, I think that’s a bunch of bull. He’s a world wide symbol of peace and its an open meeting and he should be able to attend if he chooses too. If they are trying so hard for peace why are they not allowing another person who wants the same things as them into this conference? I don’t get it.

More Information : 

More Information Masebe said that they cannot allow the focus to change onto Tibet and China. The Dalai Lama’s fellow laureate said he is going to boycott the conference. De Klerk said that the decision to refuse the visa made a "mockery" of the peace conference. "The decision to exclude the Dalai Lama is irreconcilable with key principles on which our society is based including the principles of accountability, openness and responsiveness and the rights to freedom of expression and free political activity," he said

Final Words. : 

Final Words. My point has been justified by . De Klerk. I think that the Dalai Lama should be allowed into the Conference. So what if they have trade with china? That is a factor that should be presented in any conference ? the_world_around_us

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